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DWOAH: James Bond vs Jason Bourne
Deadliest warriors of all history
James Bond vs Jason Bourne
The best secret agents you can ask for
James Bond info:
Height: 5 foot 9
Weight: 163lbs
Weapons: Bare Hands, Walther PPK Pistol, Heckler and Koch UMP-9, Golden Gun, Wrist Dart Gun
Strengths: Highly skilled hand to hand combatant (trained in several fighting styles including Ninjitsu), Crack shot with near any Firearm he gets his hands on, Skilled in melee combat (mainly Swordsmanship), Extremely high IQ of 200 (putting him above most MENSA members and making him one of the smartest men alive), Has survived events that should have outright killed him more times than he can count (including getting shot, electrocuted, set on fire, having a severe heart attack and several hundred foot falls), Can remain calm and collected in any scenario, Defeated Alec Trevelyan who was his match and perfect equal in every way, Fought a Giant Squid once (yeah, that actually happened), Is polylingual, Is the face of espionage even in the real wor
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 7 18
DWOAH: Darth Maul vs Raiden
Deadliest warriors of all history
Darth Maul vs Raiden
Through cybernetics we’ll have our revenge
Darth Maul info:
Height: 6 foot 3
Weight: 176lbs
Weapons: Double sided Lightsabre, Darksabre, The Force
Strengths: Master Lightsabre wielder and is regarded as one of the best in the Star Wars universe having bested several powerful Jedi and Sith with his Lightsabre alone, Whilst he favours his Lightsabre over using the Force Maul is still extremely powerful when using it able to use the Force into multiple ways (Force Precognition, Force Amplification, Force Push/Pull, Force Scream, Force Sight, Force Choke, Force Heal, Force Rage), Extreme physical strength (able to overpower most of his opponents with his bare hands if he decides to do so and can break human bones with total ease), Extreme tolerance to pain (as a Zabrak Maul has an inherent pain tolerance to the point that he barely reacts to any wound, from gaining his full body tattoos as a baby to when he was bisected by a youn
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 12 34
DWOAH: Chris Walker vs Leatherface
Deadliest warriors of all history
Chris Walker vs Leatherface
We kill to appease a power greater than us
Chris Walker info:
Height: 6 foot 9
Weight: 347lbs
Weapons: Bare Hands, Spear, Snare Traps
Strengths: Superhuman strength (can effortlessly hold a full grown man in the air with a single hand and can punch through a man’s ribcage to remove his heart or just outright rip his head off with a single hand), Extreme pain tolerance (horrifically disfigured his own face without anaesthetic or painkillers removing his nose and most of his skin on his face and acts like nothing happened), Extremely durable (tanked getting shot multiple times and easily shrugged off getting hit by a car), Remarkably athletic for his size and build with deceptive speed, Great sense of smell despite his lack of nose, Exceptional hearing, Reasonable intelligence, Trained in Judo and has military training.
Weaknesses: Seemingly refusing to use most kinds of Weapons save for his own two hands Chris limits hi
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 13 41
DWOAH: Red X111 vs Leomon
Deadliest warriors of all history
Red XIII vs Leomon
Noble Lions
Nanaki aka Red XIII info:
Height: 3 foot 9
Weight: 350lbs
Weapons: Tooth and Claw, Materia
Strengths: Powerful in both physical attacks and the use of Materia, Helped defeat Sephiroth, Put up a decent fight against Bahamut SIN, Is technically ageless thanks to his species being able to survive thousands of years being roughly 548 years old currently, Is extremely fast and agile, Is highly durable.
Weaknesses: Constantly fights between his civilised and feral sides and will lose himself to his animal instincts if pushed hard enough, His quadrupedal body can restrict some movements.
Leomon info:
Height: 6 foot 8 (Leomon), 6 foot 5 (SabreLeomon)
Weight: 500lbs (Leomon), 670lbs (SabreLeomon)
Weapons: Bare Hands, Sword, Tooth and Claw
Strengths: Argued as one of the most powerful Champion level Digimon having bested countless other powerful Champion level Digimon and even proving a challenge for Ultimate and Mega level Digimon
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 8 26
DWOAH: Connor Kenway vs Tal'Set
Deadliest warriors of all history
Connor Kenway vs Tal’Set
Native American heroes
Connor Kenway info:
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 210lbs
Weapons: Hidden Blades, Tomahawk, Bow, Blow Pipe, Rope Darts, Smoke Bombs, Flintlock Pistol, Musket
Strengths: Highly skilled member of the American branch of the Assassin’s Order, Master hunter and expert at living off of the land, Has killed countless Redcoat Soldiers and has assassinated several high end members of the British Army who were working alongside the Templars, Bested his father Haytham Kenway and killed him in one on one combat, Possesses above peak human strength (able to physically hold off a charging Elk and can kill a Bear with only his Hidden Blades), High durability (can survive extremely high falls with little to no damage), Extremely fast reflexes (Can dodge gunfire), Eagle Vision gives allows him to track his target with ease, Can transform into an Eagle, Wolf and a Bear momentarily for short term flight, increased ste
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 11 24
DWOAH: Viktor Reznov vs B.J. Blazkowicz
Deadliest warriors of all history
Viktor Reznov vs B.J. Blazkowicz
We're who the Nazis fear
Viktor Reznov info:
Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 200lbs
Weapons: PPSh-41, Tokarev TT-33, Makarov, Machete, Molotovs
Strengths: One of the pinnacle figures in the fall of the Reichstag and of the Nazi regime in the COD universe, Killed countless Nazis in his warpath through Stalingrad and Germany, Crack shot with any Firearm despite losing his right trigger finger in Stalingrad, Extremely intelligent able to rewire Alex Mason’s mental conditioning through words alone, Survived years inside a Russian Gulag (which are considered some of the harshest prisons in the world), Can tank multitudes of bullets before death.
Weaknesses: His hatred of the Nazis can blind his judgement to the point that he is completely uncaring about global ramifications of his actions as long as he can get his revenge on the Nazis, Is more than willing to sacrifice his own life if it means furthering his agendas.
B.J. Bl
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 18 42
DWOAH: Donkey Kong vs Regigigas
Deadliest warriors of all history
Donkey Kong vs Regigigas
Nintendo's powerhouses
Donkey Kong info:
Height: 6 foot 1 (knuckle walking) 7 foot 10 (fully upright)
Weight: 800lbs
Weapons: Bare Hands, Coconut Shooter, Anything he can grab
Strengths: Arguably one of the strongest Nintendo characters and maybe even on par physically with Bowser (they have never canonically fought so it’s unclear which of them is physically stronger) able lift thousands of tons and even knock the moon out of orbit with a single punch as well as punching several much larger opponents clear out of the atmosphere in the past, Extreme durability (able to withstand countless attacks, survive in the vacuum of space and even survived re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere without even being singed), Can create thunder claps so loud they redirect projectile Weapons and can even suppress fire breathing, Is remarkably fast for his size and can punch so fast his fists ignite the hydrogen in the air creating small
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 9 30
DWOAH: Goku Black vs Black Adam
Deadliest warriors of all history
Goku Black vs Black Adam
To destroy humanity or rule it
Zamasu aka Goku Black info:
Height: five foot nine
Weight: 137lbs
Weapons: Bare Hands, Ki Energy
Strengths: In a dark alternative future an evil humanity hating Kai by the name of Zamasu did what was thought impossible in defeating Goku and using the Dragon Balls wished for his soul to be transferred into Goku’s body creating what he deemed to be the perfect fusion of a Kai’s soul inside the infinite potential body of a pure blooded Saiyan by the name of Goku Black, Possesses all of Goku’s strengths and skilled enhanced by Zamasu’s power, Wiped out the majority of mankind and the Z fighters casually, Has access to the Super Saiyan Rose form which is on par with Super Saiyan Blue, Before claiming Goku’s body Zamasu was easily the most powerful of the Kai’s and was deemed the strongest Kai to ever live, Can manifest his Ki into physical Weapons (his favoured being
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 20 37
DWOAH: The Medic vs Mercy
Deadliest warriors of all history
The Medic vs Mercy
Do you even remember the Hippocratic Oath?
The Medic info:
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 169lbs
Weapons: A variety of Syringe Guns (e.g. Syringe Gun, Crusaders Crossbow etc), A variety of Medi-Guns (e.g. Medi-Gun, Quick Fix etc), A variety of Medical Saws (e.g. Bonesaw, Ubersaw etc)
Strengths: As the only healing class in the TF2 roster Medic’s presence can sometimes be the only thing that ensures victory, Can heal his fellow Mercenaries via his Syringe Guns and Medi-Guns at both long range and close range, Can deliver an Uber Charge which charges overtime to both his fellow Mercenaries and himself to grant temporary complete invincibility, Can slowly heal over time as long as he isn’t harmed during the process, Is the second fastest Mercenary next to the Scout, Is surprisingly an amazing doctor and surgeon despite losing his medical license (kept the Heavy alive whilst conscious during a heart transplant).
Weaknesses: As the he
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 12 47
DWOAH: Popeye vs Desperate Dan
Deadliest warriors of all history
Popeye vs Desperate Dan
The strongest men of cartoons and comics
Popeye info:
Height: 5 foot 6
Weight: 156lbs
Weapon: Bare Hands, Anything he can grab
Strengths: Godlike strength (strong enough to knock the spots off of a Leopard, Crush a 40 storey building down to a single story and even break the confines of his animated reality to enter his creator’s universe), Extreme endurance (has been beaten, crushed, ran over and sustained countless other assaults with minimal to no damage), Extreme speed (can outrun speeding cars and even trains), Can punch through Lasers, Can punch away bullets even from a Machine Gun, Can swat away spells with his Bare Hands, Upon eating spinach Popeye’s already superhuman strength escalates to a godlike level, Toon Force, 4TH wall awareness, Can casually interact with the world outside his cartoon universe and has threatened his own creator in the past.
Weaknesses: Popeye is the epitome of all brawn no brains as
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 11 34
DWOAH: The Arbiter vs Garrus Vakarian
Deadliest warriors of all history
The Arbiter vs Garrus Vakarian
Bird-like Alien Soldiers
Thel’Vadam aka The Arbiter info:
Height: 7 foot 10
Weight: 319lbs
Weapons: Prophet’s Bane, Plasma Rifle, Covenant Rifle
Strengths: Deemed one of the greatest warriors in the Covenant forces to the point of being anointed the highly praised rank of Arbiter, Extremely strong willpower allowing him to see through and overcome the indoctrination of the Covenant, Was once one of the greatest threats to the human forces but is now a major threat to the Covenant, High physical strength, Naturally highly intelligent, Well versed in military tactics, Thick Armour gives him great survivability in combat as well as Shielding.
Weaknesses: His biology makes some movement hard to nearly impossible for him e.g. climbing, the Prophet’s Bane has an extremely low ‘charge’ meaning it can only be used a couple of times before deactivating and becoming useless.
Garrus Vakarian info:
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 10 50
DWOAH: Scarecrow vs Jack the Ripper
Deadliest warriors of all history
Scarecrow vs Jack the Ripper
Fear is their greatest Weapon
Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow info:
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 140lbs
Weapons: Bare Hands, Syringe Glove, Fear Gas, Fear Toxins, Hook/Scythe
Strengths: One of Batman’s greatest foes and one of the only beings able to break through his vast mental barriers via the use of his Fear Gas, Is completely immune to his own Fear Gas thanks to his mask, Master of Crane Style Kung Fu, Genius level intellect, Remarkably agile, Is completely incapable of feeling fear of anything except for Batman, Can transform into a bestial form ‘Scare Beast’ if put under enough duress.
Weaknesses: Despite his Kung Fu skills Scarecrow is lacking in physical strength and endurance and can be taken down with a few solid hits, Can be susceptible to his own Fear Toxins if they can be turned against him, Despite being arguably terrified of Batman his addiction to fear forces him to seek him out leading to some of
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 15 21
DWOAH: King Kong vs Mama Scarface
Deadliest warriors of all history
King Kong vs Mama Scarface
King of the Apes vs Queen of the Rex's
King Kong info:
Height: 25 feet
Weight: 20 tons
Weapons: Bare Hands, Teeth, Anything he can grab
Strengths: Is the undisputed King of Skull Island holding near total authority to the point that the natives worship him as a deity, Immensely powerful able to fight and overpower beasts his own size if not bigger on a daily basis, Highly durable able to withstand and live through several decades of constant fighting with the huge carnivores of Skull Island, Shows a roughly human intelligence as Kong understand humour and can form attachments to beings outside his own species, Can use the environment around him as a Weapon.
Weaknesses: As this isn’t the Monsterverse King Kong he doesn’t have the near godlike durability of his counterpart being simply a massive Gorilla meaning he can be killed by something as small as bullets.
Mama Scarface info:
Height: 30 feet
Weight: 21 tons
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 13 56
DWOAH: Grimlock vs Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
Deadliest warriors of all history
Grimlock vs Grimmjow
Hail to the Kings!
Grimlock info:
Height: 68 feet
Weight: 30 tons
Weapons: Energo Sword, Tooth and Claw, Fire breath, His sheer size
Strengths: As Leader of the Dinobots Grimlock is one of the most powerful beings in the Transformers universe able to hold his own against both Optimus Prime and Megatron if not get the upper hand over them in several ways, Immensely physically powerful even for his size, Extremely durable, Stubborn to near a fault making it nearly impossible to make him surrender (Optimus ‘taming’ him in Age of Extinction does not count as do the movies).
Weaknesses: The very epitome of all brawn and no brains Grimlock is easy to call dumb to the point that he can’t speak in complete sentences and his lack of intelligence effects his ability to plan on the move or even at all, Despite being able to put up a good fight against the likes of Optimus and Megatron Grimlock does this through all out brawn
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 7 47
DWOAH: The Flash vs Sonic the Hedgehog
Deadliest warriors of all history
The Flash vs Sonic the Hedgehog
The fastest things alive
The Flash (Wally West) info:
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 170lbs
Weapon: Bare Hands, Speed Force
Strengths: As a possessor of the Speed Force Wally is capable of literally infinite speed and is part of a small group of the fastest beings in all of fiction, Infinite stamina, Superhuman agility, Can augment the speed of his muscle growth to add to his strength and durability, Is well versed in hand to hand combat, Can think millions upon millions of times faster than a normal being, Thanks to the Speed Force he can run at such speeds without distorting the planets axis or running himself through the ground, Can gain temporary Aerokinesis and Electrokinesis when running fast enough, Ages much slower than other humans, Can literally run himself into another dimension and through time, When running several times the speed of light Wally can punch with the force of a White Dwarf Star aka the Infinite Mass Pu
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 11 26
DWOAH: Erik the Red vs William Wallace
Deadliest warriors of all history
Erik the Red vs William Wallace
History's greatest berserkers
Erik the Red info:
Height: 6 foot 8
Weight: 320lbs
Weapons: Dane Axe, Bare Hands
Strengths: One of the most famous of the Vikings Erik was so fierce and bloodthirsty that he was in fact banished from two different homelands because his neighbours were terrified of him, Killed countless men in his lifetime many of them seasoned Warriors, His ferocious temper allowed him to enter berserker rages at the drop of a hat, Could kill grown men with a single swing of his Dane Axe.
Weaknesses: Despite appearing to be far from it Erik is just a mortal man and can be killed like any other, His famous bloodlust clouds his mind reducing him to a mere Berserker fighting with instinct rather than rational thought.
William Wallace info:
Height: 7 foot 2
Weight: 300lbs
Weapons: Claymore, Longbow, Bare Hands
Strengths: The most famous freedom fighter in history for a reason William was an absolutely terrifying
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 7 45


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Deadliest warriors of all history

James Bond vs Jason Bourne

The best secret agents you can ask for

James Bond info:

Height: 5 foot 9

Weight: 163lbs

Weapons: Bare Hands, Walther PPK Pistol, Heckler and Koch UMP-9, Golden Gun, Wrist Dart Gun

Strengths: Highly skilled hand to hand combatant (trained in several fighting styles including Ninjitsu), Crack shot with near any Firearm he gets his hands on, Skilled in melee combat (mainly Swordsmanship), Extremely high IQ of 200 (putting him above most MENSA members and making him one of the smartest men alive), Has survived events that should have outright killed him more times than he can count (including getting shot, electrocuted, set on fire, having a severe heart attack and several hundred foot falls), Can remain calm and collected in any scenario, Defeated Alec Trevelyan who was his match and perfect equal in every way, Fought a Giant Squid once (yeah, that actually happened), Is polylingual, Is the face of espionage even in the real world despite being fictional.

Weaknesses: Is only human, Is an alcoholic border lining on dependency, Depends mostly on his Gadgets which aren’t that useful in a fight, Can be forced to lose his cool if pushed hard enough, The Golden Gun is only a one shot kill within video games so in this fight will act like a normal but powerful single shot Pistol.

Jason Bourne info:

Height: 5 foot 10

Weight: 165lbs

Weapons: Bare Hands, Beretta 92SB Pistol, 12 Gauge Double Barrelled Shotgun, Brügger & Thomet GL-06

Strengths: Highly skilled in hand to hand combat trained in several fighting styles (including Krav Maga), His punches have been clocked at 100mph, Master of infiltration, Has evaded the worlds greatest agencies for years, Crackshot with any firearm he gets his hands on, Is polylingual.

Weaknesses: Is only human, Is more skilled in evading people than killing them.

Battle begin!

The loud ‘crack!’ of gunfire echoed through the shooting range of MI6 as James put his skill to the test, every shot on point as every target that sprang up was taken down within the same second with a perfect between the eyes headshot.

When the final target dropped James simply scoffed as he ejected the empty magazine of his Walther and loaded a new one “amazing as always Mr Bond sir, a perfect score” the firing range attendant complimented the Agent as he headed back to the gun cabinet to place the Pistol back in its place.

“Still targets are easy pickings, it’s when your target can move that it’s a real challenge” Bond stated in the closest level of modesty he could suffice, placing his Pistol back in its place before reaching for the UMP-9 that was hanging next to his signature Pistol.

Before he could place his hand upon it though a loud blaring alarm echoed through the MI6 facility along with a voice on the tannoy declaring that the facility was under attack, the broadcast immediately setting Bond into action grabbing hold of his Walther again and holstering it within his suit jacket before taking the UMP-9 and loading a fresh clip into it “stay here, stay out of sight” he instructed the attendant before heading out into the hallway to head towards the main entrance where the tannoy announced the intruder to be.

At the entrance of MI6 several Agents laid beaten and bloody on the floor as the intruder made light work of them, Jason Bourne easily countering every punch and kick the Agents sent his way before knocking each one out with a swift blow to the head or neck.

When the last Agent from the small group that had attacked him fell Jason continued further into the facility, if there was anywhere that would have information on his past it would be the almost fabled MI6.

As he proceeded to head deeper into the facility however the sound of a gunshot and a bullet whizzing passed his head put him immediately on his guard, spinning around and diving behind a nearby cabinet as he drew his Beretta Pistol “that was a warning shot” Bond stated as he kept his Walther trained on Jason’s location “come out and surrender and you will not be harmed”.

Not believing James’s offer for a moment Jason sprang up from his hiding spot and opened fire upon the MI6 Agent forcing him to duck behind a nearby corner to avoid the bullets “well I tried to be nice” James sighed pulling back the hammer on his Pistol again.

With his Weapon ready James waited for Jason to finish shooting before returning fire, his bullets whizzing passed Jason’s hurt before one grazed across the left side of his temple making him recoil and hiss with pain.

Dropping his Pistol Jason went for something with more of a punch to it as he drew his Shotgun, cracking it open to load both shells before snapping it back to ready it. From his angle all James could see was Jason tossing his Pistol away prompting the MI6 Agent to risk approaching.

Upon reaching Jason’s location James was shocked when Bourne sprang up and aimed his Shotgun, Bond barely having time to react as Bourne pulled the trigger. Thankfully for the Englishman Bond was able to move enough to the side to wrap his left arm around the barrel of the Shotgun causing it to fire to the side of him, ignoring the intense burn that came from the heat of the Gun as he then wrenched it out of Jason’s grasp and slugged him firmly in the face.

Reeling from the blow Jason allowed himself to fall so that he could spin upon landing kicking Bond hard in the legs sending him crashing to the floor causing him to drop his Walther Pistol, his signature Weapon sliding across the floor far out of reach.

Reacting just as well as Bourne had upon hitting the floor Bond was quick to get back on his feet as his opponent did the same, both men immediately striking out at each other blocking each other’s blows as they attacked themselves, their fists meeting palms, forearms against forearms and shins against shins as they seemed to fight in perfect synchronicity.

Eventually however Bond got the upper hand able to sneak a punch through straight into Jason’s face making him recoil and stagger backwards giving James the chance to reach into his jacket to pull out his second Pistol, the Gun glimmering a brilliant gold as he took aim and pulled back the hammer.

As the crack of the shot from the Golden Gun rang out Jason exclaimed as he felt the bullet hit the left side of his abdomen, the shot forcing him to stumble back and make a tactical retreat as James holstered the now useless Gun and draw his UMP.

Stumbling back into the entrance of the facility Jason drew his final Weapon, reaching to his back to draw his GL-06 Assault Rifle firing a spray of bullets in James’s direction to keep him at bay whilst he dealt with his bleeding bullet wound, ripping off a piece of his jacket sleeve and stuffing it under his shirt against his wound to stem the bleeding.

As he stopped the bleeding however a sudden stabbing pain in his neck caused him to freeze and gag, Bond having taken the chance to fire a shot with his Wrist Dart Gun scoring Bourne right in the neck, the shot normally able to take down most men with a single shot but Jason stood strong despite it, aiming his Assault Rifle and firing the rest of the clip at Bond who fired back with his UMP, the SMG getting shot clean out of Bond’s hands whilst he also took a couple of shots to the arm and shoulder as Jason ran out of ammo.

Despite having taken more bullets than Jason had Bond seemed to almost shrug it off, gritting his teeth to ease the pain as he proceeded to simply toss his Gun away and remove his jacket, unbuttoning the cuff links as he walked towards Bourne who was busy pulling the Dart out of his neck.

Tossing his jacket aside James readied his fists before ducking as Jason threw the first punch, the Englishman weaving under it to deliver a jab straight to Jason’s bullet would sending a surge of pain through his body sending him reeling to which Bond continued his assault, sending a flurry of punches to Jason’s face, chest and gut before grabbing his arm and throwing him over his shoulder slamming him to the ground hard.

Gasping as he felt his spine crack from the hard landing Bourne couldn’t defend himself as Bond delivered another debilitating blow, karate chopping his throat to momentarily close his windpipe before the MI6 Agent suddenly grabbed his head and twisted, snapping his neck ending Bourne’s life instantly.

As Jason went completely limp James let out a sigh and pained grunt as he rolled his bullet wounded shoulder in its socket as he rose to his feet “well done 007” Q congratulated Bond through the tannoy system having watched the fight through the countless security cameras that littered the facility “I should have known to send you in the first place, it would have saved the other Agents a trip to the hospital”.
“I was just doing my job Q” James brushed off the praise as he proceeded to pick up his jacket scowling at the bullet holes in it.

“Still I believe a good night’s rest is in order for you James”.

“Yes and a martini, shaken, not stirred”.

Winner: James Bond

Well anyone who remotely knew about James Bond and Jason Bourne could tell how this fight was going to end.

Whilst Jason is an extremely skilled fighter and marksmen having fought off numerous attacks from several world agencies he simply doesn’t stand up to Bond’s own skill and feats.

Whilst Jason is arguably faster with punches clocking in at 100mph James had fought foes who could break solid steel with their bare hands and in the case of Jaws literally bite through it. In durability Bond has been shot, shocked, set on fire and even once survived a several hundred foot fall into a river which at the speed he was falling would have caused an impact similar to if he had fallen onto solid concrete and whilst he was gravely injured he still lived, something Jason has never been shown to do.

All there can be said is that when people think about Secret Agents, Spies and espionage James Bond is the first person on their mind for a reason.
DWOAH: James Bond vs Jason Bourne
The eighty ninth of my fan made Deadliest Warrior battles

In these I will be pitting my chosen warriors from all of history, be they real or fictional

The eighty ninth battle: James Bond (007 series) vs Jason Bourne (Bourne series)
Who would win? 93

Lion-O vs Leo Whitefang (Guilty Gear)

Hody Jones vs Aquaman
Who would win? 92

Jedah Dohma vs Cell

Darth Nihilus vs Black Bolt
Who would win? 91

Zuko vs Roy Mustang

Frank West vs Sebastian Castellanos

Zombie Frank West vs Stubbs the Zombie

Enel vs Raiden (Mortal Kombat)

Red Haired Shanks vs Auron
Who would win? 90

Sol Badguy vs Trunks

Fulgore vs The Shredder

Kuro vs Lust


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Hey everyone I'm Adam :). I joined this site to enjoy many peoples artwork as I lack the skills and equipment to produce real art myself. I live by generally liberal beliefs as in peace to all mankind and all that, quote facism to me and I will raise hell. So I hope to enjoy many pictures and webcomics on this great site and if anybody reading this makes an artwork I like you'll hear from me ;).

Current Residence: Hull, England
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite style of art: Fanart and webcomics
Favourite cartoon character: Gir from Invader Zim
Personal Quote: "Whenever I open my mouth complete and utter bollocks seems to fly out"



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