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Epic fan made rap battles of history!

Isaac Clarke!


Chris Redfield!


Hold onto your helmet the top Zombie slayer has arrived
To riddle your body with bullets and blow your mind with my punishing rhymes
I brought Umbrella crashing to its knees, ended Weskers life and cut through countless undead hordes
Gamers think your game is tough? They should try the first Resident Evil, that’s the real hardcore
I tried your games once, my heart barely started to race
You’re deemed the king of video game horror? You’re too scared to even show your face!

You want to see my face? Fine so be it
Look into the eyes of a man who’s seen countless horrors and nightmares and kicked slaughtered undead monsters through it
You had the horror genre in the palm of your hand then you went and fucked it up
What the hell happened?
Too many steroids perhaps? You spent Resi 5 high as a kite and jacked up!
Look at those arms, that shit ain’t natural
I’ve seen Brutes with smaller guns, that’s no lie, just fact you know
My journeys were nightmares, true terror through and through
You’ve become just another run and gun shooter; it’s only a matter of time before Infinity Ward sues you!
I take mere tools, transform them from mundane
And turned them into weapons of ultimate badass levels all the way up to zealot and insane!
I blasted through homicidal cults better than your emo boyfriend did
The real Zombie slaying hero has arrived, you better sit down kid

Whoa calm down man, you better take your pills Clarke your games drove you to madness
I went through worse than you and came out an even bigger badass!
You’re rhymes have less impact than your Plasma Cutter, they’re a goddamn disgrace
I look beyond your eyes; I see no soul just nothing but Dead Space!
I fucked it up? Your third game wasn’t even worth it!
What kind of shit pile did your developers have to dig through to unearth it?
Come on now you should take your seat
You’re just lucky that in space no one can hear you getting your ass beat

I may have been driven mad but I made a recovery full throttle
You spent half of Resi 6 looking through a fucking bottle!
I’m tired of looking at you, your face is giving me Necromorph flashbacks
And oh yeah, I bought Resi 5, I’m off to get my cash back!

Who won?

Who’s next?

You decide!
EFMRBOH: Isaac Clarke vs Chris Redfield
Based on the amazing Epic rap battles on history created by NicePeter and EpicLloyd

In my eighth fan made rap battle we have Isaac Clarke (Dead Space) vs Chris Redfield (Resident Evil)
Deadliest warriors of all history

Ichigo vs Ghost Rider

Ichigo Kurosaki info:

Height: 5 foot 11

Weight: 145 pounds

Weapons: Zangetsu, a huge seven foot long broadsword that shrinks down to a katana when Ichigo releases his bankai, his Shinigami powers grant him great swordsman skills as well as the ability ‘Shunpo’ which grants extreme speed and agility, his Shinigami powers also grant him increased strength but not to an extreme extent, his durability is also enhanced allowing him to shrug off powerful spiritual attacks. His Hollow powers allow him to use Cero blasts when he dons his Hollow mask as well as increasing his strength, speed and durability. His one Quincy power grants him a defensive ability to help him withstand powerful attacks. Like his Shinigami and Hollow powers Ichigo’s Fullbring powers increase his strength, speed and durability and all of his powers increase his spiritual power aka Reiatsu. Ichigo’s most destructive weapon though is his Vasto Lorde form which he utilizes at the last resort whether he likes it or not, either through his will in a pure rage or when his heart stops his inner Hollow takes over transforming him into the demonic Vasto Lorde.

Strengths: as listed above Ichigo has a full roster of spiritual powers and physical abilities that puts him above most humans and Shinigami in skill. Ichigo’s main strength though is his inability to back down from a fight and his will to protect those he cares about, his very name meaning ‘to protect one thing’, place one of his friends or family members in danger and Ichigo will stop at nothing to save them and make whoever threatened them suffer. One of Ichigo’s transformations into the Vasto Lorde was in fact set up when his sister was brought close to death prompting him to explode with pure fury.

Weakness: whilst Ichigo is the most powerful character on Bleach he is far from immortal and even though his Vasto Lorde transformation is set off by his death if the Lorde is beaten and killed Ichigo is done.

Ghost Rider info:

Height: 6 foot 2

Weight: 220 pounds

Weapons: Hellfire chain, Hellfire Shotgun, can wield and summon Hellfire at will

Strengths: becoming the Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze gained superhuman strength and durability becoming impervious to near all human weaponry and healing any damage anyone managed to inflict upon him.

Weaknesses: whilst extremely powerful the Ghost Rider isn’t immortal and has met his match several times against opponents equal or more powerful than him. Sunlight causes him to lose his powers and revert back to Johnny Blaze to which then he is weak to human weaponry again.

Battle begin!

“I’m telling you Nee-san is warming up to me, any day now and she’ll be mine!”.

“You’re talking out your ass Kon” Ichigo sighed as he carried the sentient plush toy limply over his shoulder like he would his school bag “and if you try anything the next time you borrow my body I’ll dump your Soul Pill down the garbage disposal” he threated turning around a corner heading down an alley for a shortcut back home.

As he walked though Ichigo noticed the sound of a revving engine behind him which he found odd since he was at least two blocks away from a public road. Turning to investigate the noise Ichigo jumped to a side just in time to avoid being hit by a motorcycle as it sped passed him “hey asshole! You can’t drive down here! You could hurt someone!” he barked as the cyclist turned and stopped his bike a few metres up the alleyway. The cyclist then turned off his engine and dismounted his bike taking a few steps towards Ichigo slowly removing his helmet.

“Kurosaki I presume?”.

“Yeah, what of it?” Ichigo replied immediately going on edge from the biker’s question.

“You’re on my list” the biker responded in an ominous tone as the sun set behind the buildings blanketing them both in shadow to which the biker’s head burst into flames revealing his skull “Ichigo Kurosaki, your soul is mine!” Ghost Rider declared igniting his chain and lashing it in the air leaving a brief flaming trail.

“Holy shit!” Ichigo exclaimed as he ducked out of the way of another chain attack squeezing Kon to make him spit out his Soul Pill before swallowing it separating his soul from his body “get home and tell Rukia I’m going to be late back” he instructed the Mod Soul to which he nodded and jumped over a nearby building to get away “ok then, bring it on, you son of a bitch!” Ichigo growled drawing Zangetsu and launching himself at Ghost Rider.

Lashing out with his chain again Ghost Rider managed to wind it around Zangetsu’s hit using it to wrench Ichigo forward and slug him hard with a vicious left hook sending the Shinigami flying back against a wall. Grunting from the impact Ichigo then ducked to narrowly evade another chain attack which carved across the wall just above his head, using Zangetsu to push himself up Ichigo then launched another charge only to see Ghost Rider draw his Hellfire shotgun and fire a round at him scoring him across the arm making him cry out in pain as his robes tore. “Damn it!” he cursed as he landed swinging his weapon to deflect another shotgun blast “I can’t get close to this guy”.

“You’re thinking too much King, just give into your instincts and go wild!”

“You are seriously the last thing I need right now but you almost have a point” Ichigo sighed at his inner Hollow as another Hellfire blast tore past his head, he could feel the spiritual energy coming off of Ghost Rider and knew he was going to have a hard time if he didn’t take it up a notch. Swinging Zangetsu’s high in the air ready to strike he focused his rietsu to bursting point “BANKAI!!!” Ichigo roared releasing his sword to its true katana form sending out a shockwave that sent several trashcans and other pieces of debris in the way flying; he then brought his hand to his face focusing his Hollow powers summoning his mask to raise his power further.

“Enough stalling Kurosaki, you cannot escape your fate” Ghost Rider hissed as he cranked his shotgun again bringing it up in anticipation to block a downward sword swing from Ichigo sending sparks flying as the Vizard’s sword connected with his unholy firearm. What he didn’t anticipate though was for the mouth of Ichigo’s Hollow mask to open and a cero blast to charge up inches from his face, to defend himself the Bounty Hunter shunted Ichigo back forcing the barrel of his shotgun against his gut and firing sending him flying back as his cero tore across his skull and shoulder grazing the bone of his head whilst blasting a clean chunk out of his collarbone.

Stopping mid-air Ichigo clutched his stomach as it burned, thankfully his power preventing the Hellfire blast from carving straight through him but it was enough to burn through his robe and fry his skin. He then looked back to the ground his eyes widening as Ghost Riders chain shot up and wrapped tight around his neck with crushing force before wrenching him out of the sky bringing him to the pavement hard. As his opponent hit the dirt Ghost Rider redrew his shotgun firing blast after blast at the Vizard making him recoil with every shot whilst the chain held him in place.

When the dust finally cleared Ichigo was still breathing using Zangetsu to support himself as the only part of his robes remaining covered his lower body, his upper body now completely bare save for his mask and covered in charred burns. Growling in annoyance Ghost Rider wrenched Ichigo forward with his chain before bringing the hilt of his shotgun down again his face in a powerful blow causing his mask to crack. Raising the gun for another hit Ghost Rider grunted as a searing pain washed through his abdomen looking down to see Ichigo’s sword buried to the hilt in his stomach “I’m not done yet you son of a bitch” he growled, his voice distorted with Hollow power, as he then swung his left arm forward punching Ghost Rider hard in the right leg sending him crashing down to his knee before he swung upwards grabbing the Bounty hunter by his lower jaw wrenching it clean off of his skull.

Letting out a demonic cry of pain Ghost Rider sent a strong blast of Hellfire from the remains of his mouth against Ichigo’s masked face before swinging at him only for the Vizard to catch his arm in a crushing grip. Ichigo’s pained grimace slowly became a wicked grin as his inner Hollow slowly took over, his iris’s a blazing yellow whilst his pupils and the rest of his eyes were the deepest black, laughing maniacally as he slowly twisted Zangetsu in Ghost Riders gut making the Bounty hunter cry out in agony again.

Ichigo then stood up pulling the chain from around his neck delivering a roundhouse kick to Ghost Rider’s head sending him tumbling along the alleyway “not so easy anymore is it?” Ichigo’s Hollow gloated as Ghost Rider slowly pushed himself up “the King would have been merciful, maybe even given you a chance but I’m not so lenient, if you kill the King I would get the chance to claim his throne and I won’t allow that” he sneered before letting out a mad cackle which echoed throughout the alleyway.

As the Hollow gloated Ghost Rider took his chance grabbing hold of his whip and lashing out catching Ichigo off guard, the infernal weapon striking the Hollow square in the chest and going straight through erupting out of his back cutting off his laugh half way “what….the….?” the Hollow gasped looking down as blood started to pour out of his mouth, his mask fully cracking and turning to dust as Ichigo collapsed to his knees.

Chuckling softly as he rose to his feet Ghost Rider marched over to Ichigo picking up his jawbone on the way reattaching it as he retracted his chain and drew his shotgun “you put up a good fight but I always get my bounty” he gloated grabbing Ichigo by his hair forcing him to look up into his eye sockets gazing deep into Ichigo’s soul to find any sin he could find, any guilt he could use to fuel the Penance Stare eventually finding one hidden deep away in his subconscious “look into my eyes, your soul is stained with the blood of an innocent, your mother loved you and you let her die, now burn for your sin!” he declared making Ichigo’s eyes smoulder and burn.

That was before the life in Ichigo’s eyes suddenly returned and he let out an ear piercing demonic scream/roar as his body exploded with dark energy sending Ghost Rider recoiling back. Ichigo’s skin turning a bright ghostly white, his hair extending down his back, his fingers and toes becoming long talons, the remains of his robe becoming almost like a loin cloth and a new more demonic Hollow mask covering his face and head with foot long horns and a wide satanic grin. To finish the transformation the wound in his chest stretched wider becoming a large Hollow hole finishing his change into the Vasto Lorde.

As Ichigo’s transformation ended Ghost Rider barely had a chance to look up as he was grabbed by the head and slammed up against a wall causing a shockwave to run along it shattering the windows as the brickwork cracked from the impact. Wincing from the blow Ghost Rider raised his shotgun to Ichigo’s face and fired only to find to his dismay that the blast barely scratched his new mask, clutching Ghost Rider’s skull harder Ichigo’s mask slowly opened letting out a piercing screech before he launched the Bounty hunter upwards dozens of feet into the air before following him and with a swing of his sword sent him flying across the city to the wooded area on the outskirts. Before his transformation Ichigo wanted to keep the fight hidden in the alleyway since even though civilians couldn’t see him the damage they caused was completely visible but now that the Vasto Lorde had taken over he couldn’t care less.

Slamming through several trees hard Ghost Rider grunted in pain when he eventually came to a stop staggering to his feet relocating his shoulder only to hit the dirt again hard as the Vasto Lorde appeared behind him slamming a foot down on his back to pin him. Raising Zangetsu Ichigo brought the sword down on Ghost Rider’s arm carving it off before swiftly doing the same with the other leaving the Bounty hunter defenceless whilst he kicked him over onto his back and drove his weapon through his chest using it to raise him up high in the air.

“Look into my eyes….your soul is stain….” Ghost Rider gasped trying to use the Penance Stare again as some kind of defence but his mantra was cut off by another echoing roar from the Vasto Lorde. Raising Zangetsu higher causing Ghost Rider to slide all the way down to the hilt Ichigo jutted his head forward piercing the Bounty hunters shoulders with his sharp horns before starting to charge another cero whilst his opponent struggled to no avail, his lost arms quickly regrowing and grabbing onto Ichigo’s horns in an attempt to break them off as he could feel the burning of the cero against his chest.

As Ghost Rider started to push himself away Ichigo finished charging his attack firing it point blank at Ghost Riders chest carving a huge hole through it and out his back sending the Bounty hunter flying back. Landing in a crumpled heap Ghost Rider tried desperately to get back up slowly healing the wound in his chest and back, normally all mortal wounds inflicted on him healed in seconds but Ichigo’s rietsu charged attacks harmed him in a way that he couldn’t shrug off. As he forced himself to his knees though Ghost Rider was promptly shoved back down by Ichigo as he used Shupo to appear behind him standing on his back with both feet to pin him slamming his head down to lock his horns at either side of Ghost Riders head.

This time there was no escape for the Bounty hunter and moments later a second cero struck him point blank in the head completely obliterating his skull before the blast wave travelled along his body reducing it to ash. When the dust settled and Ichigo stood alone in the smouldering crater he threw his head back with a ear shattering roar that echoed from miles around before several long cracks ran along his mask which quickly shattered and moments later he was returned to his normal form falling to his knees panting for breath “the hell? What happened?” he grunted gripping his forehead as it throbbed.

“I took care of things for ya King, you’re welcome” his inner Hollow cackled in his mind bringing back the memories of what had happened before he blacked out.

“Oh yeah, that burning guy, thanks I guess, just don’t take over whenever you feel like it” Ichigo replied as he took off back towards his home.

“Whatever you say King, whatever you say”

Winner: Ichigo Kurosaki

This was another coin toss victory as whilst I believe that Ghost Rider doesn’t have the power to harm a Vasto Lorde his healing ability would keep the battle as a stalemate. That’s why I chose to make it like Ichigo’s battle with Ulquiorra and that the Vasto Lorde’s attacks would cause so much damage that Ghost Rider wouldn’t be able to heal his wounds as fast as he needed to. I also went more with Ichigo to prove that I’m not a ‘Marvel fan boy’ as I have been accused of become of my Hulk, Wolverine and Punisher Deadliest warriors.
DWOAH: Ichigo vs Ghost Rider
The thirteenth of my fan made Deadliest Warrior battles

In these I will be pitting my chosen warriors from all of history, be they real or fictional

The twelfth battle: Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) vs Ghost Rider (Marvel comics)


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Hey everyone I'm Adam :). I joined this site to enjoy many peoples artwork as I lack the skills and equipment to produce real art myself. I live by generally liberal beliefs as in peace to all mankind and all that, quote facism to me and I will raise hell. So I hope to enjoy many pictures and webcomics on this great site and if anybody reading this makes an artwork I like you'll hear from me ;).

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