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If Dragon age: origins and Dragon age 2 characters worked together banter

Loghain and Varric

(After Loghain is recruited)
Varric: so King Cailan’s murderer is now helping us fight the Blight, sounds like something from one of my novels
Loghain: what are you prattling on about Dwarf?
Varric: first you killed Cailan, then you spent several weeks trying to kill us and now you’re forced to help us, sounds like a bad thriller novel
Loghain: first of all I did not kill Cailan, his own stupidity and bravado caused his death and second you brought it upon yourself by siding with the Warden, I was only doing what was best for my country
Varric: right so letting your king die and ignoring the Blight was best for Ferelden? And I thought the way Kirkwall was run was crazy

(Random banter)
Loghain: stop that!
Varric: stop what now?
Loghain: you’re taking notes again, I know it’s about me
Varric: little full of yourself aren’t you?
Loghain: don’t play dumb Dwarf, I found your manuscripts at camp, I know you’ve been writing about me, the ‘mad tyrant of Ferelden’
Varric: oh that! That wasn’t about you, that character has a different name
Loghain: Noghain? You changed one letter Dwarf, you must think me a fool to not notice
Varric: I have no idea what you’re talking about
Loghain: *annoyed growl*

(Random banter)
Loghain: what is with you and those insufferable nicknames Dwarf?
Varric: hmmm?
Loghain: you were talking to the whore back at camp and I heard you discussing a so called nickname for me
Varric: and you’re wondering what amazing name I’ve bestowed upon you
Loghain: hardly, I wish for you to stop
Varric: don’t worry, there won’t be any more of such discussions
Loghain: good
Varric: no problem……Greasy
Loghain: I detest you Dwarf

(Random banter)
Loghain: *sighs* I know I’m going to regret this but I have to know, why Greasy?
Varric: have you seen your hair? You could wring it out and sell what falls out as oil
Loghain: my hair is not greasy
Varric: tell that to your armour, your shoulder plates are shinier than the rest of your armour for a reason
Loghain: I knew I’d regret bringing it up, just stop calling me that
Varric: I will when you take a bath

(Random banter if Isabela is in the party)
Varric: twenty silver
Isabela: no
Varric: fifty silver
Isabela: nuh uh
Varric: five gold pieces?
Isabela: nope
Loghain: what are you two prattling on about?
Varric: I’m trying to find how much it would cost to get Isabela to actually sleep with you
Isabela: I’ve told you Varric, even I have standards
Loghain: you will be the death of me Dwarf
Varric: consider yourself lucky it’s me and not what Isabela has going in between her legs whenever Anders isn’t around to fix it
Isabela: I’m right here Varric!
Varric: I’m just teasing Rivaini
Isabela: yeah but still
Loghain: *exhausted sigh*

(Random banter after Loghain as spoken to Merrill)
Varric: Bianca and I would like a word with you Greasy
Loghain: what is it Dwarf?
Varric: you calling Daisy a savage, don't do it
Loghain: I don't see how me addressing the Elf for what she is affects you in any way
Varric: it does, it pisses me off, call her Savage one more time and Bianca will be giving you her opinion, her very fast moving pointy opinion
Loghain: and I was always told that Dwarves hated Elves

(Random banter in Orzammar)
Loghain: Dwarf, would you kindly tell your folk to stop staring at me?
Varric: my folk? Oh yes, since I’m a Dwarf I know every single Dwarf personally, we all gather once a year to tell each other stories about what it’s like to be four feet tall
Loghain: surely you must know some of them!
Varric: never seen these people in my life, I was born a surfacer Greasy, this is the first time I’ve ever set foot in Orzammar, Bartrand was born down here though so you’re better off asking him if you ever meet him but I doubt you’d ever like too, nobody does
Loghain: can you at least tell me why they insist on staring so much?!
Varric: not many humans are allowed in Orzammar so you’re a rare sight, plus all that grease in your hair you’re probably being stalked to be mugged and harvested for lamp oil
Loghain: I shouldn’t have asked
Varric: no you should not have

(During the final battle)
Varric: well Loghain, there’s Darkspawn everywhere, Denerim is in flames and oh look in the sky! An Archdemon! Is this still not a true Blight?
Loghain: I was wrong….
Varric: huh? I’m sorry I didn’t quite hear that
Loghain: I was wrong ok?! Write it down in your novels or even in your kinds damn Shaperate, I was wrong!
Varric: well Greasy I must say I never thought I’d hear you say those words
Loghain: just shut up and keep fighting so we can end this Blight!
If DA: Origins and DA2 characters worked together
The thirteenth of what I hope will be several of fan made dialogue scripts between the DA: origins and DA2 followers

This time it's Loghain and Varric, now I think we can all agree that Varric would not be able to keep his mouth shut when there was a chance to mock Loghain especially over his appearance and of course Loghain would react with complete annoyance over the Dwarf's antics
If Dragon age: origins and Dragon age 2 characters worked together banter

Loghain and Fenris

(After Loghain is recruited)
Fenris: so you’re the great Hero of the River Dane
Loghain: that is one of my titles yes
Fenris: I wonder if people will still readily refer to you as such now that it is known that you collaborated with Slavers
Loghain: I did what was necessary for the good of Ferelden
Fenris: keep telling yourself that, just know that the moment you are no longer useful to the Warden I will make you answer for your crimes
Loghain: when I become no longer useful it will be because I have breathed my last Elf and when that day comes I will be revered as Ferelden’s saviour
Fenris: keep telling yourself that

(Random banter)
Fenris: so you truly despise the Warden’s Loghain?
Loghain: they are an unnecessary force fighting an almost non-existent evil, the Warden’s waste time hunting after the last dregs of Darkspawn when they could be aiding Ferelden in keeping the Orlesians out so yes, I truly despise them
Fenris: you really see the Darkspawn and the Blight has less of a threat than Orlesians?
Loghain: look around Elf, do you see hordes of Darkspawn ready to rip innocent civilian’s limb from limb? No, the Darkspawn are on the verge of extinction and there has been no sign of an Archdemon so this isn’t even a real Blight, yet everyone is flinching from the mere mention of them whilst the real threat is just over the damn border plotting their next conquest of my country
Fenris: you are blinder than I had thought
Loghain: I can say the same for every one of you
(If Leliana is in the party)
Leliana: Orlais is not the evil dictatorship hungry for more land to own and more people to enslave Loghain, times have changed since the war, Ferelden and Orlais should make peace if more bloodshed is to be avoided
Loghain: hold your tongue Orlesian, you cannot sway me with venomous words of ‘peace’, there can be no peace between our nations and as long as I live no Orlesian will hold power on our soil
Fenris: thankfully that should only be for another thirty years or so I’ve heard, if you’re lucky

(Random banter)
Loghain: so you say you used to be a slave Elf
Fenris: yes I was once a slave, though I highly doubt you would feel any sympathy on the matter
Loghain: that’s where you’re wrong, I too once felt the heavy weight of oppression under the Orlesians tyranny
Fenris: an occupation of a country and the enslavement of a being are two very different things Loghain, do you know what it’s like to be worked until your fingers bleed and every bone aches only to be worked even harder, to have your sleep and food denied and to be brought to the very brink of death only to be brought back for your masters amusement?
Loghain: to be honest no but….
Fenris: then you know nothing of slavery and oppression

(Random banter after a battle)
Fenris: your form is slipping Loghain
Loghain: your collar is missing Elf

(Random banter)
Fenris: you know what Loghain? I’ve just realized that you make me think things that I never thought I would before
Loghain: is that so?
Fenris: yes, I actually miss Alistair
If DA: Origins and DA2 characters worked together
The twelfth of what I hope will be several of fan made dialogue scripts between the DA: origins and DA2 followers

This time it's Loghain and Fenris, for these two I believe that there would be very little interaction as Loghain's willingness to allow Slavers to operate in Ferelden would immediately put him on Fenris's bad side

Also as you can tell by Loghain's dialogue that I am in the very small minority of people that actually hates the bastard, no amount of looking like Snape can put him in my good books after what he did in Origins
If Dragon age: origins and Dragon age 2 characters worked together banter

Alistair and Tallis

(Random Banter during the Wyvern hunt)
Alistair: I can’t believe we’re actually hunting a Wyvern, I thought they were just stuff of fairy tales
Tallis: don’t get too excited, Wyvern’s are extremely dangerous, a lot more so than the Darkspawn you kill for a living
Alistair: well forgive me for trying to look at this positively, I’ve killed some pretty dangerous Darkspawn in my time
(If the High Dragon has been slain with Alistair present)
Alistair: I even helped kill a High Dragon so how hard is a Wyvern going to be?
Tallis: they spit acid poison instead of fire
Alistair: oh, ok dropping the positivity for bone shaking nerves

(After killing a Wyvern)
Alistair: ok, I understand what you meant now, that thing was tough to kill
Tallis: you actually didn’t do as bad as I thought you would
Alistair: thanks….I guess
Tallis: don’t you people have to kill something much worse than a Wyvern? I’d take the compliment
Alistair: yeah I guess

(After the post hunt party)
Alistair: *chewing noises*
Tallis: can’t you eat with your mouth closed? I’ve heard of the fabled Warden appetites but that’s just disgusting, what are you eating anyway?
Alistair: cheese
Tallis: you’re eating the despair cheese?!
Alistair: yeah, not that bad actually, very mature, nutty aftertaste, I’d have it again
Tallis: well today I learned that despair tastes nutty

(After Alistair’s royal heritage is revealed)
Tallis: so you’re King Maric’s heir, the true king of Ferelden right?
Alistair: how do you know that?
Tallis: just from around, so you have the power to start wars on a whim right?
Alistair: no! Well not now I don’t and I don’t want to!
Tallis: that’s good, power like that can corrupt even the greatest man
Alistair: power that I don’t plan on using, doesn’t anyone actually care that I don’t want to be king?!
Tallis: you don’t get to choose some things in life Alistair, you are what you are no matter what you say or want
Alistair: wait, that sounds familiar……no it can’t be
Tallis: can’t be what?
Alistair: nothing, in any case I’m not going to be king if I have any say in it

(After Tallis reveals that she’s Qunari)
Alistair: so you’re Qunari, I guess I should have recognized the symbols on your armour, they’re the same as Sten described back at camp
Tallis: you talk about it like it’s a bad thing
Alistair: all the Qun does is invade and forcibly convert people in the name of ‘peace’, forgive me for not having the best opinion of it
Tallis: the Qun brings enlightenment and inner peace
Alistair: so does a night of hard drinking
Tallis: I see you’re too close minded to see the truth
Alistair: I can say the same about you
(If Sten is in the party)
Sten: do not waste your breath on the fool
Tallis: yeah I can tell it’s like talking to a brick wall with him
Alistair: yeah, out of me and Sten I’m the bloody brick wall
If DA: Origins and DA2 characters worked together
The eleventh of what I hope will be several of fan made dialogue scripts between the DA: origins and DA2 followers

This time it's Alistair and Tallis, this one was a tough one as Tallis generally has little to say to anyone aside from Hawke, I feel that Alistair would be reasonably ok with her until he finds out that she's a Qunari


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