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If Dragon age: origins and Dragon age 2 characters worked together banter

Alistair and Tallis

(Random Banter during the Wyvern hunt)
Alistair: I can’t believe we’re actually hunting a Wyvern, I thought they were just stuff of fairy tales
Tallis: don’t get too excited, Wyvern’s are extremely dangerous, a lot more so than the Darkspawn you kill for a living
Alistair: well forgive me for trying to look at this positively, I’ve killed some pretty dangerous Darkspawn in my time
(If the High Dragon has been slain with Alistair present)
Alistair: I even helped kill a High Dragon so how hard is a Wyvern going to be?
Tallis: they spit acid poison instead of fire
Alistair: oh, ok dropping the positivity for bone shaking nerves

(After killing a Wyvern)
Alistair: ok, I understand what you meant now, that thing was tough to kill
Tallis: you actually didn’t do as bad as I thought you would
Alistair: thanks….I guess
Tallis: don’t you people have to kill something much worse than a Wyvern? I’d take the compliment
Alistair: yeah I guess

(After the post hunt party)
Alistair: *chewing noises*
Tallis: can’t you eat with your mouth closed? I’ve heard of the fabled Warden appetites but that’s just disgusting, what are you eating anyway?
Alistair: cheese
Tallis: you’re eating the despair cheese?!
Alistair: yeah, not that bad actually, very mature, nutty aftertaste, I’d have it again
Tallis: well today I learned that despair tastes nutty

(After Alistair’s royal heritage is revealed)
Tallis: so you’re King Maric’s heir, the true king of Ferelden right?
Alistair: how do you know that?
Tallis: just from around, so you have the power to start wars on a whim right?
Alistair: no! Well not now I don’t and I don’t want to!
Tallis: that’s good, power like that can corrupt even the greatest man
Alistair: power that I don’t plan on using, doesn’t anyone actually care that I don’t want to be king?!
Tallis: you don’t get to choose some things in life Alistair, you are what you are no matter what you say or want
Alistair: wait, that sounds familiar……no it can’t be
Tallis: can’t be what?
Alistair: nothing, in any case I’m not going to be king if I have any say in it

(After Tallis reveals that she’s Qunari)
Alistair: so you’re Qunari, I guess I should have recognized the symbols on your armour, they’re the same as Sten described back at camp
Tallis: you talk about it like it’s a bad thing
Alistair: all the Qun does is invade and forcibly convert people in the name of ‘peace’, forgive me for not having the best opinion of it
Tallis: the Qun brings enlightenment and inner peace
Alistair: so does a night of hard drinking
Tallis: I see you’re too close minded to see the truth
Alistair: I can say the same about you
(If Sten is in the party)
Sten: do not waste your breath on the fool
Tallis: yeah I can tell it’s like talking to a brick wall with him
Alistair: yeah, out of me and Sten I’m the bloody brick wall
If DA: Origins and DA2 characters worked together
The eleventh of what I hope will be several of fan made dialogue scripts between the DA: origins and DA2 followers

This time it's Alistair and Tallis, this one was a tough one as Tallis generally has little to say to anyone aside from Hawke, I feel that Alistair would be reasonably ok with her until he finds out that she's a Qunari
Tobias, my Mage Hawke by Garchompisbeast
Tobias, my Mage Hawke

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Specialization: Spirit Healer, Force Mage

Level: 27

Weapon: The Hawke's Key (Frost Damage, Critical Hit, Drain Health)

Armour: Full Champion's Armour set

Romance: Merrill

Most selected followers: Merrill, Varric, Fenris/Isabela

Mages or Templars?: Mages

Personality: Humorous, Tobias always tries to lighten the mood of any situation and can find a way to smile in almost any circumstance. This allowed him to quickly become close friends with Varric and Isabela spending many a night with them in the Hanged Man downing many a pint and sharing countless stories. Through his friendship with Isabela he became extremely close to the Pirate Captain eventually sharing a one night stand with her, luckily she knew it was just for fun and they continued to share a strong bond afterwards. 

Whilst a fairly religious Andrastian Tobias heavily disagreed with the Chantries treatment of Mages which quickly brought him a close friendship with Anders and a fairly turbulent one with Fenris. Tobias was thankful that Anders admitted to harbouring Justice early into their friendship and understand the burden that he carried offering him help whenever he needed it without ever judging him. Though their relationship came to a fairly frosty end when Anders destroyed the Kirkwall Chantry Tobias refused to kill him as he personally blamed Justice over Anders for the act, instead allowing Anders the honor of fighting against the Kirkwall Templars before sending him on his way.

Though they disagreed on the existence of Circles Tobias got on extremely well with Aveline helping her enforce the law in Kirkwall and helping her court Guardsmen Donnic before being her first wellwisher when she announced her engagement to him. Whilst he encouraged her to move on he kept hold of her late husband's Wesley's Shield keeping it in a vault in his mansion for safe keeping. 

In Merrill Tobias found the love of his life and his soul mate although he was first alarmed by her practice of Blood Magic. Whilst unwilling to ever use it himself he was soon convinced through Merrill's intentions that Blood Magic could be used for good helping her repair the Eluvian and defeat the Pride Demon that had been tricking her all along. After her banishment from her clan Tobias immediately invited her to spend her life fully with him to which she eagerly agreed.

Whilst he was extremely anti slavery and patient with Fenris Tobias had more than his fair share of fights with the Elf, mainly over his views on Mages and the fact that he was a Mage himself. It was only through perseverance and a lot of tongue biting that he finally got into the ex-slaves good books and managed to convince him that not all Mages are evil.

Out of all his friendships the most strained ones were with Sebastian and his brother Carver, with Sebastian their lack of friendship was due to mainly lack of contact with Sebastian spending his days in the Chantry praying whilst Tobias was out actually helping people in Kirkwall. With Carver though their strained relationship was simply down to bitter sibling rivalry along with Carver's mistrust of Mages. Behind the bitter words and arguments though there was a strong brotherly love which compelled Tobias to save Carver's life by having him inducted into the Grey Wardens.

After the Mage uprising in Kirkwall Tobias travelled with Merrill helping his fellow Mages in anyway he could before being called to aide the Inquisition where he offered to sacrifice himself to the Nightmare Demon to atone himself for accidentally releasing Corypheus. The Inquisitor instead chose Stroud to remain behind allowing Tobias to survive and continue helping the Mage rebellion.
If Dragon age: origins and Dragon age 2 characters worked together banter

Alistair and Bethany

(After both Alistair and Bethany are recruited)
Alistair: so you’re an Apostate
Bethany: is that a problem for you?
Alistair: that depends, is the fact that I used to be a Templar a problem for you?
Bethany: that depends, are you going to try to kill me or drag me to the Circle for the crime of being born
Alistair: no
Bethany: then you’re not a problem to me
Alistair: and you’re not a problem to me
Bethany: that’s good
Alistair: yes, good talk

(Random banter)
Alistair: Bethany, about Carver, I’m so sorry
Bethany: he died protecting those he loved, it was a noble death
Alistair: I know but still he didn’t deserve what happened to him
Bethany: thank you, for all it’s worth Duncan didn’t deserve what happened to him either
Alistair: thank you, I’ll make sure Carver gets a proper funeral service once this is all over
Bethany: and Duncan as well
Alistair: of course

(After a battle if Bethany used Force Magic)
Alistair: what was that Magic? You made that guy/Darkspawn hit the ground so hard his/its head burst
Bethany: my father used to call it ‘Force Magic’, Magic in its rawest form, with it I can lift things up with my mind and toss them around as I see fit, it takes a lot of concentration to master
Alistair: wow, so you can lift and throw anything with it?
Bethany: well the heavier the object the more of a strain it causes so I do have limits with it, I could lift you easily though, Sten at a stretch
(if Sten is in the party)
Sten: if you try you will regret it
(if Isabela is in the party)
Isabela: now that I would pay to see
(if Varric is in the party)
Varric: Alistair flying through the air cutting through the enemy like a shooting star? Even I couldn’t make shit like that seem believable
(If Shale has been recruited and is in the party)
Alistair: so you couldn’t lift and throw Shale then?
Bethany: unless you want me out of commission for the rest of the day unfortunately no
Shale: hmmmm, it would have been interesting to see the look on our enemies face when I came crashing down on them and reduced them to a fine paste, ah well there’s always jumping off a cliff onto them to satisfy that curiosity

(Random banter)
Bethany: was the Joining painful Alistair?
Alistair: I don’t remember much of my Joining, the main thing I remember was how terrible the Darkspawn blood tasted and how it felt like fire in my throat, I had visions but I can’t remember them clearly, I guess the nightmares I sometimes get are the same as the visions I got during my Joining
Bethany: what do you see?
Alistair: Darkspawn, the Arch Demon, death, destruction, everything that will happen if we fail
Bethany: then we had better not fail

(Random banter)
Bethany: were you and Duncan close Alistair?
Alistair: he was like a father to me, my real father was never around and my mother died giving birth to me and even when I was raised by Arl Eomon I didn’t feel like I was part of a family, then Duncan came and brought me into the Grey Wardens and I finally felt like I belonged….and then Loghain happened
Bethany: I’m sorry, I didn’t know you two were so close, I just thought he was your mentor
Alistair: don’t be, you didn’t know, anyway you never told me what your father was like
Bethany: he was a good man, he was an Apostate all his life and was nearly caught by Templars when he was courting Mother but escaped with the help of a Templar by the name of Ser Carver, he married my Mother and had me, my brother/sister and Carver, he was the one that taught me how to use my Magic so that I would never have to go to a Circle, he died three years ago sadly
Alistair: he sounds like he was a good man
Bethany: as did Duncan

(In the Circle of Magi)
Bethany: so this is what the Circle is like, no wonder the Mages here rebelled
Alistair: all Circles are different depending on where they are situated, this was one of the more lenient Circles as far as I was told
Bethany: how could it have been lenient here? Circles are prisons for Mages
Alistair: this Circle was more of a school than a prison, Mages here where taught how to master their magic under Templar supervision, they had free reign around the Tower and where allowed outside with Templar escorts to aide with anything that needed magical assistance, the couple of times I visited in my early Templar training the Mages seemed quite content here, though that might just be the fact that they knew nothing else in life
Bethany: the way you say it makes it seem not so bad
(If Anders is in the party)
Anders: don’t listen to him, lenient or not Circles are nothing more than prisons, the last place any Mages wants or deserves to be
Alistair: Circles are there to protect Mages, to teach them how to use their powers without risk and contain those who are a danger to the public
Anders: tell that to the Templars
Bethany: I think I’ll just count my blessings that I never ended up here

(If the surrendering Blood Mage is let go)
Bethany: you’re really ok with the Warden letting that Blood Mage go free? What if she does more damage elsewhere?
Alistair: it may not make sense now but sometimes it’s better to show mercy than to exact swift justice, maybe she was telling the truth and she just was just rebelling, maybe she was truly evil, either way she’ll either never use Blood Magic again or will find herself on the end of a Templars Sword, hopefully the fact that we spared her will make her learn towards the former
Bethany: I didn’t see it like that, I hope you’re right

(Random banter after Bethany and Sebastian’s ‘flirting’ if Sebastian isn’t in the party)
Alistair: so you and Sebastian huh? What’s going on there?
Bethany: nothing’s ‘going on’ between us, we were just talking
Alistair: yeah right, you two are like two little love birds dancing around each other
Bethany: I have no idea what you’re taking about
Alistair: he said he likes your eyes
Bethany: did he?
Alistair: ha! Got you!
Bethany: damn! Find you got me, he is handsome isn’t he?
Alistair: can’t really judge that myself but you two would make a good couple
(If Varric is in the party)
Varric: Alistair playing match maker with Sunshine and Choir Boy? You heard it here first folks!
(If Oghren is in the party)
Oghren: *belches* I call dibs on front row seats when they final start rutting
Bethany: you will not!
(if Morrigan is in the party)
Morrigan: *scoffs* tis sickening to have to listen to this, just have your way with him and be done with it

(After Alistair’s royal heritage is revealed)
Bethany: *giggles*
Alistair: you keep laughing, what’s so funny?
Bethany: nothing….your majesty
Alistair: I shouldn’t have asked
Bethany: oh lighten up, I was only teasing
Alistair: well please don’t, I don’t want to be king, I’m the last person Ferelden needs as a ruler
Bethany: you’re too hard on yourself, you’d make a great king, fair, kind and just
Alistair: yeah and how long do those kind of kings normally last before ending up with a dagger in the back?
(If Zevran is in the party)
Zevran: it depends on how much I am paid, a good price less than a week, a low price I let him enjoy his reign for a month or two
Alistair: not funny
If DA: Origins and DA2 characters worked together
The tenth of what I hope will be several of fan made dialogue scripts between the DA: origins and DA2 followers

This time it's Alistair and Bethany, with Bethany's general kind and friendly attitude which matches Alistairs fairly well I can see these two getting on very quickly and would soon put aside the 'ex Templar and Apostate' thing
If Dragon age: origins and Dragon age 2 characters worked together banter

Alistair and Carver

(After Alistair and Carver are recruited)
Carver: so, you’re a Grey Warden then
Alistair: junior Grey Warden actually, I took my joining only a few months ago
Carver: ah that’ll explain it then
Alistair: explain what?
Carver: what happened at Ostagar, I heard that the mighty Grey Wardens could kill a Darkspawn just by looking at them, not so high and mighty in person I see
Alistair: what? Did you just? HOW DARE YOU?!
(If Varric is present)
Varric: Andraste’s ass Junior!
(If Aveline is present)
Aveline: tact Carver, use it!
(If Isabela is present)
Isabela: now that was just bloody low
(If Oghren is present)
Oghren: talk about kicking a guy in his danglers when he’s down
Carver: pardon me for telling it how it is

(Random banter after first conversation between them)
Carver: I guess I owe you an apology
Alistair: you think?
Carver: I was just angry about what happened, we were certain that we would win with the Warden’s aid but we were massacred, we never stood a chance
Alistair: if it wasn’t for Loghain we could have won
Carver: don’t worry, I’ll have that bastards head on a pike
Alistair: wait in line, I want him first

(Random banter)
Alistair: I’m sorry about….about what happened to Bethany
Carver: I don’t want to talk about it
Alistair: well when you’re ready just know I’m here to listen, I know what it’s like to lose someone
Carver: I lost my sister, you lost someone who helped cater to your daddy issues
Alistair: alright then, never try to be nice to you, ever, duly noted
Carver: good

(After Lothering is lost to the Darkspawn)
Alistair: Carver, about Lothering….
Carver: just don’t, it’s gone, there’s nothing to talk about
Alistair: it was your home Carver, you can’t just act like nothing happened
Carver: ok then, you’re right, my home is gone, burned to the ground by mindless monsters and now me, my brother/sister and my mother have nowhere in the world to go back to, there I talked about it now kindly shut it before I shove my sword where the sun doesn’t shine!

(After Carver tries to flirt with Merrill)
Alistair: so, you and Merrill huh?
Carver: what?
Alistair: I saw you trying with her, you two would make an adorable couple
Carver: oh shut it with your sniggering, it’s not like you’re a lady killer, at least I’ve slept with a woman before
Alistair: you had the chance to, being raised in the Chantry doesn’t exactly give you all the time in the world for pointless trysts with swooning farm girls, anyway don’t change the subject, I’ve seen how you look at Merrill and the way you fall over yourself trying to talk to her is both hilarious and strangely adorable
(If Isabela is present)
Isabela: like a pup taking its first steps
(If Merrill isn’t romanced)
Isabela: seriously Carver just bend her over a tree stump already, then she’ll see how you how you feel
Alistair: *sniggers*
Carver: oh shut up the both of you

(If Merrill is romanced, only happens if neither Merrill or Hawke is in the party)
Alistair: so…..your brother/sister with Merrill eh?
Carver: that’s my brother/sister for you, always has to have what I want
Alistair: don’t go blaming him/her entirely, you didn’t make your intentions clear enough
Carver: I tried! It just…..wasn’t enough
Alistair: I know, I know, look let’s have a drink later, see how you feel afterwards
Carver: yeah…. that sounds good

(After Alistair’s royal heritage is revealed)
Carver: so, King huh?
Alistair: yep
Carver: don’t go expecting me to shine your boots or anything
Alistair: why would I trust you with any of my things? You’d sooner relieve yourself in my boots than shine them
Carver: good, at least we have that sorted then

(Random banter after Alistair’s royal heritage has been revealed)
Alistair: what have you got against Mages Carver?
Carver: ask my brother/sister, he/she’s one of them
Alistair: so you hold a grudge against an entire group of people because of a sibling rivalry?
Carver: don’t you judge me, wasn’t King Cailan your half-brother or something? You must have resented him for something
Alistair: well since I never said more than three words to him I can’t say I did
Carver: oh bugger off

(If Alistair is romanced)
Carver: you and the Warden eh?
Alistair: what about us?
Carver: oh nothing, just surprised that you had the balls to actually go through with it
Alistair: like you had the balls to go after Merrill?
Carver: *annoyed growl*
Alistair: not laughing now are you?
If DA: Origins and DA2 characters worked together
The ninth of what I hope will be several of fan made dialogue scripts between the DA: origins and DA2 followers

This time it's Alistair and Carver, ok Carver is a jackass and Alistair would pick up on that immediately making banter between them short and awkward, not that he would be able to resist poking fun at the angsty Hawke sibling


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
Hey everyone I'm Adam :). I joined this site to enjoy many peoples artwork as I lack the skills and equipment to produce real art myself. I live by generally liberal beliefs as in peace to all mankind and all that, quote facism to me and I will raise hell. So I hope to enjoy many pictures and webcomics on this great site and if anybody reading this makes an artwork I like you'll hear from me ;).

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