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Deadliest warriors of all history

Samurai Jack vs Shan Yu

Samurai Jack info:

Height: 5 foot 11

Weight: Roughly 170lbs

Weapons: The Sword, a weapon crafted by the combined powers of Odin, Ra and Buddha to be the greatest threat to any evil that plagues the world, Bare Hands.

Strengths: Master Swordsman, Near superhuman strength, speed and endurance, Can jump dozens of feet thanks to training from a jungle tribe, Unbreakable willpower.

Weakness: Whilst a great warrior Jack is still human and can be felled by almost anything that can overcome a human, Despite his normally stoic and calm demeanour Jack can be forced over the edge into uncontrollable rage in which he becomes more berserker than warrior making him clumsy and predictable as well as the risk of bringing out his Dark Side, Mad Jack.

Shan Yu info:

Height: 6 foot 5

Weight: Roughly 260lbs

Weapons: Sword, Bare Hands.

Strengths: Extreme strength and endurance allowing him to casually throw grown men around and survive for hours buried under feet of snow from an avalanche that killed off the majority of his army emerging unharmed, Master strategist and tactician, Able to judge an enemies potential from a mere glance.

Weaknesses: Slow and sluggish because of his size, Overly cocky and confidant which can lead to his downfall e.g. allowing the Emperor of China to know of his coming invasion just so China would but up a fight when he fully invaded.

Battle begin!

Shan Yu grinned darkly as he oversaw his newest conquest, another village razed to the ground by his hoard as the sounds of innocent screams and his Mongols battle cries rang out through the air. As the last of the villages meagre resistance fell and his Soldiers began to march back with what little valuables they had found the Mongol leader turned to urge his men onward to the next settlement only for a bright blinding light to stop him in his tracks. Electricity crackled through the air as a large blue circular light appeared in front of him causing the giant to shield his eyes until the light died down.

When the light was gone a man stood in its place, tall and lean garbed in a long white Samurai robe. Opening his eyes Jack took a deep breath as he took in his surroundings, he definitely appeared to be in the past granting him slight relief to no longer be in the Aku ruled future though he did not seem to be in his native Japan. Glancing around Jack then noticed the group of Huns stood in front of him and the burning village behind them quickly putting two and two together reaching down to draw his Sword.

Seeing the Samurai go for his Blade Shan Yu just rolled his eyes “kill him” he sighed to which his Huns drew their Bows immediately letting a hail of Arrows loose at Jack as he charged forward. To their immense surprise and shock none of the Arrows reached the Samurai as he stopped in his tracks and slashed each one out of the sky faster than the eye could follow. With the projectiles now gone Jack continued his charge readying his Sword only for Shan Yu to lunge forward sending the Samurai flying back with a brutal backhand.

“Not many have survived my hordes Arrows let alone blocked them, impressive” the Hun leader commented with a half-smile as his many readied another volley only for him to raise his hand to stop them “lower your arms! He is mine to kill”. Looking at each other in confusion the Mongols stepped down lowering their Weapons as Shan Yu stepped forward drawing his Sword. “Raise your weapon, I want this to be interesting, I can tell you have some skill to you” the Hun demanded as Jack stood back on his feet.

Raising his weapon Jack met Shan Yu’s challenge holding his Sword ready as the Hun stepped forward brandishing his own Blade ready to strike, their weapons shining in both the sunlight and the light of the burning village. With a brutish grin Shan Yu made the first move charging at Jack to which the Samurai easily side stepped, hopping to the side and quickly turning around as Shan Yu turned to face him again, the same animal grin lining his features showing that he had no fear of the Samurai and saw the fight as amusing.

The sight of the Hun’s villainous glee was enough to get Jack’s blood pressure rising, his grip on his Sword handle tightening for a moment before he let out a deep breathe to calm himself, he had taken down many a brute before and Shan Yu would be no different. Exhaling again Jack then twisted his Sword to the side before charging again, swinging his Blade in a side swipe only for his weapon to meet against Shan Yu’s again, sparks flying from the colliding metal as the Samurai’s eyes met with the Hun’s demonic ones.

“Well, at least you’re putting up more of a fight than the villagers did” Shan Yu grinned maliciously as he pushed against Jack’s Sword, his evil words only causing the Samurai’s brow to furrow and before he could react the Hun received a solid sucker punch to the jaw making him head snap to the side.

Unfortunately the punch did a lot less than Jack had hoped as Shan Yu merely spat a tooth out before his wicked grin returned to his face as he grabbed hold of Jack’s robes using them to throw him high in the air readying his Blade to swing when Jack came back down. To the Hun’s surprise though the moment Jack was airborne he began to roll in the air using the momentum to launch himself back at Shan Yu the moment he was back on his feet delivering a powerful Sword swing of his own as the Hun tried to block it.

The sound of clashing metal once again filled the air as Jack’s Sword carved through Shan Yu’s, the Hun Blade flying through the air before sticking into the mud leaving just the handle in its owners grasp. Staring in shock for a moment at his broken weapon’s hilt Shan Yu then grunted as he was then knocked to the dirt by another powerful punch from the Samurai “enough of this, you are bested” Jack stated coldly aiming his Sword at the Huns face as he glared up “leave this place and repent your crimes, I will have no more of you” the Samurai added before sheathing his Sword and turning to walk away.

As the Samurai began to walk away parting the stunned Hun warriors Shan Yu let out a feral growl of rage “don’t you turn your back on me!” he roared charging at the retreating Samurai reading to rain his fists down on him. All too used to such brutish displays Jack tilted his head to dodge the blow with ease grabbing hold of Shan Yu’s wrist to use his own momentum to send him flying. The Hun’s flinching to move as their leader hit the dirt but they knew better than to move without his command.

Clambering to his feet Shan Yu charged once again at Jack launching a flurry of punches at the Samurai who expertly began to block each one, catching the larger man’s fists and easily batting them aside causing Shan Yu to lose himself steadily further to his rage every passing moment. After a solid ten seconds though one of the Huns blows slipped through Jack’s blocks scoring him straight in the stomach making the Samurai double over which the Hun exploited kneeing him hard in the facing sending him flying back several metres.

Landing hard Jack quickly rolled to his feet and reached for his Sword only to realize it was no longer there “looking for this?” the Hun called out holding Jack’s weapon high in the air before unsheathing it “let’s see how long you last without a weapon!”.

Glaring at the Hun Jack ran towards him at a blistering speed aiming to get his Sword back as quickly as possible whilst Shan Yu swung at him, the Blade cutting through a thin layer of his robes as Jack dove over the Sword swing rolling as he hit the floor before delivering a swiping kick to the Huns legs knocking the giant off of his feet sending him crashing to the ground. The moment Shan Yu hit the ground Jack pounced on him to try to wrestle his Sword out of his grasp finding the Hun to be much stronger than most of the opponents he had ever faced.

“Give me my Sword!” the Samurai growled through gritted teeth as he tried to pull his weapon from Shan Yu’s hands, grunting as the giant placed a foot to his gut and started to push him away with it.

“If you want your weapon, take it like a Warrior” the Hun sneered before roughly kicking Jack in the chest making him recoil back before turning the Samurai’s blade towards him as Jack shot forward again. Grinning maliciously as Jack suddenly stopped Shan Yu lowered his gaze expecting to see the Samurai impaled on his own weapon.

Only to see the Blade pressed against his chest but yet not penetrating his skin.

“What?” he gasped pressing the Sword forward only acting to push Jack further back, the Blade refusing to cut its masters flesh no matter how hard the Hun tried “what is this?!” he demanded before suffering a vicious knee to the rib causing him to release the Sword to which Jack quickly snatched it back.

“My Sword cannot harm an innocent, you on the other hand can be harmed just fine” Jack retorted back as Shan Yu swung a punch at him, turning his Sword to intercept it the Samurai carved through the Hun’s arm slicing his left hand straight off from the elbow up making the Giant exclaim in pain. Grimacing as the Hun clutched his blood gushing arm Jack stood up and sheathed his weapon as he turned away from his opponent “enough of this, admit your defeat and leave” he spat wanting nothing more to do with the Hun hoping that the crippling defeat and loss of his arm would compel him to never raise a weapon against an innocent again.

Seething as Jack began to walk away once again parting the stunned and horrified Hun war party Shan Yu hobbled back to his feet, his vision blurred with pure rage as he reached for the bladed half of his shattered Sword brandishing it like a Dagger as he charged blindly at the retreating Samurai. Hearing the rapid footsteps and pained roars of rage behind him Jack opened his eyes and unsheathed his Sword as Shan Yu brought the Blade down at his back.

Time seemed to stand still as the Blade of Shan Yu’s Sword once again hit the dirt, the Hun’s eyes wide with shock and pain as blood began to trickle from his mouth, weak gasps for breath escaping his throat as Jack held his Sword backwards, the Blade impaling Shan Yu straight through his stomach and out of his back. Exhaling Jack then wrenched his Sword from the Hun’s gut letting the Giant fall to his knees before swiftly spinning around bringing his Blade down on his opponent’s neck cleanly cleaving his head from his shoulders.

As Shan Yu’s corpse slumped to the dirt Jack then turned to his war party, his eyes filled with frustration and contempt before he turned to them with a echoing cry of “WHO ELSE WANTS SOME?!”. His bellow carrying along the winds as the war party quickly scattered knowing that they had no hope of besting him, taking deep breaths to calm himself as he was quickly left alone in the blood splattered field Jack then sheathed his Sword and turned to walk away from the carnage, his distaste for taking organic life leaving a bitter feeling in his gut which he had to quell as Shan Yu left him no other option.

Winner: Samurai Jack

This battle was actually a request from one of my real life friends when I had mentioned needing an opponent for Jack and since I’m a huge Mulan fan I just had to go with it. In physicality Shan Yu is in the same league with the Scotsman needing only an enchanted Sword to be his and Jack’s equal but unfortunately his inferior weaponry spelled his doom causing the battle to be much quicker than it should have been. Without any kind of magic or advanced technology the great Hun leader was just no match for the great Samurai Jack.
DWOAH: Samurai Jack vs Shan Yu
The twenty first of my fan made Deadliest Warrior battles

In these I will be pitting my chosen warriors from all of history, be they real or fictional

The twenty first battle: Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack) vs Shan Yu (Disney's Mulan)
Ok, it's time for another RWBY rant and just a warning I will be mentioning spoilers so if you haven't been watching please click away.

Series 3 is swiftly coming to a close and as promised it has been darker than the last two, as in SERIOUSLY dark. With Yang being frame for attacking Mercury 'for no reason' and Penny 'dying' there has been many punches to RWBY fan's hearts over the last few episodes but there has been one thing that has upset me the most amongst the fandoms reactions.

People cheering on Cinder's many victories.

And not in the way that most fans would enjoy a villains victory claiming that it looked cool and that it would only spur the heroes to fight harder next time but literally claiming that Team RWBY and JNPR should be killed off since they're just an annoyance to Cinder. Hell I've talked to people who claimed that Penny getting destroyed was a good thing and that she was a worthless character with no development potential! SERIOUSLY?!

I understand why Penny was destroyed, it was a plot point to show that something so critical to Remnant's technological development couldn't be hidden forever and to show that Pyrrha isn't as perfect as everyone perceives her to be but to literally cheer her 'demise' and openly hope that one of the Huntsmen is next is just sick in my opinion.

I can also understand like my previous rant that this will most likely piss a lot of people off but I needed to get this off of my chest, plus I seriously hate Cinder, Emerald and Mercury with a burning passion which only adds to how much I love RWBY to be able to have villains that I can hate so much which no other series has ever done.

Anyway, thanks for listening to this short rant and I look forward to any comments on this.
Deadliest warriors of all history

Bigby Wolf vs Sabretooth

Bigby info:

Height: 6 foot (varies with transformations)

Weight: 180lbs roughly (varies with transformations)

Weapons: Bare Hands, Tooth and Claw.

Powers: Transformations, Extreme healing, Huff and Puff (able to blow with the force of a hurricane).

Strengths: Centuries of combat experience, Superhuman Strength, Endurance and Speed, Can shrug off all mortal weaponry without repercussion, Can hold his breath for weeks at a time, Superhuman senses, Can transform at will between his human, half Wolf, Werewolf and Big Bad Wolf forms.

Weakness: Weak to Silver and Fire, Must constantly dull his senses by chain smoking otherwise the smell of highly populated areas cripples him with sensory overload.

Victor Creed aka Sabretooth info:

Height: 6 foot 6

Weight: 380lbs (275 without Adamantium)

Weapons: Bare Hands, Tooth and Claw.

Powers: Extreme healing, Hunting senses.

Strengths: Nearly two centuries of combat experience, Superhuman strength, Endurance and Speed, Immune to most mortal weaponry, Superhuman senses.

Weaknesses: Whilst he has extremely fast healing it is nothing compared to his brothers needing even a full minute to heal from major wounds, Extremely bestial in nature easily going from calm and calculating to a raging unthinking beast if pushed enough.

Battle begin!

Lighting his latest cigarette Bigby took a deep inhale of it before exhaling the smoke through his nostrils to weaken the overpowering smell of urban pollution. With the Crooked Man dealt with things were a lot more peaceful in Fable Town which was both a good thing and in some ways a bad thing leading to many long boring patrols for Bigby as people were far too scared of him to commit any kind of crime.

“Might as well call it a night” he sighed as he finished his cigarette with one long inhale, flicking the stub aside before pulling out the box to light a new one when he heard a loud cry in the distance.

“No! Put my boy down you god damned animal!”.

“Toad?” Bigby gasped quickly putting his cigarettes away before taking off towards Toad’s apartment complex, soon reaching the dilapidated building finding the front door torn clean off and deep claw marks on the discarded door and around the doorway “what the hell?” he commented as he inspected the marks, the only ones in Fable Town with claws like that were Beast and Grendel but neither of them had any reason to attack Toad. The marks also carried a scent that he had never smelled before putting him on edge. Another cry from Toad redrew his attention prompting Bigby to hurry into the building quickly reaching Toad’s apartment finding the door torn from its hinges as well.

“E-e-easy now, just put him down, I’ll give you anything just don’t hurt my boy!” Toad pleaded as the huge mutant held T.J. up by one of his ankles, cruelly teasing the terrified boy by running a talon gently along his throat.

“Anything?” Sabretooth sneered grinning feral-ly down at the tiny Fable “well it’s a real shame for you that I’ve already got what I want, I’m hungry and I’m fancying some frog’s legs” the Mutant cackled mockingly holding Junior over his head as he craned his head back opening his mouth wide showing off his fangs.

Before he could lower Junior and deliver the killing blow to his head Sabretooth grunted as he received a flower vase to the back of his head making him stop and growl with annoyance “don’t you know it’s rude to disturb a man whilst he’s eating?” he snarled dropping Junior as he turned around to face Bigby.

“Don’t you know it’s rude to try to eat a man’s kid?” Bigby spat back, his eyes glowing bright yellow as his nails gave way to talons “now who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my town?”.

“I’m just a man looking for a bite to eat, if I can’t get one here I think I’ll go find that little lady in the white coat I saw earlier, she smelled of snowflakes and vanilla, bet she tastes like it too” Sabretooth grinned back making something inside Bigby’s head snap as he realized he was talking about Snow White.

Letting out a feral roar Bigby launched himself at Sabretooth fully transforming into his half Wolf stage as he slammed the Mutant back against the wall “hit a soft spot did I?” Victor grinned before head-butting Bigby hard causing him to stumble back “I’ll make sure to mention you before I rip out the bitches throat!”.

Moments after his sentence ended Sabretooth was sent flying through Toad’s back window taking out most of the wall as he went “tear the bastard’s heart out Bigby!” Toad shouted seemingly uncaring about his damaged home as Bigby launched himself out of the hole to follow the Mutant into the alleyway.

“Easy there, I might just have to call police brutality on you” Sabretooth sneered as he rose to his feet dusting himself off as Bigby landed in front of him “well look at you, someone could mistake us for brothers, my claws are bigger though” the Mutant grinned wickedly extending his claws further as Bigby pounced at him again.

As the Sherriff’s own claws raked at his face Victor rammed his into Bigby’s gut using his own momentum to throw him back over his head sending him skidding along the pavement and slamming into a parked car. Growling as the air was knocked out of his lungs Bigby moved to climb back onto his feet only to cry out as Sabretooth launched towards him kneeing him extremely hard in the side making him slam against the car harder. “What’s wrong Sherriff? You never got your hands dirty before?” the Mutant cackled as he repeatedly rammed his knee into Bigby’s ribs and kidney before grabbing him by his hair and shirt launching him further down the street causing him to slam into a lamp post bending it severally.

Hitting the pavement hard Bigby quickly hauled himself to his feet readying his claws as Victor prowled towards him, his claws dripping with the Fable’s blood as his fangs glinted in the moonlight. Snarling ferally Bigby launched himself at Sabretooth again knocking the Mutant off of his feet this time pinning him to the pavement to rain a series of vicious punches down on his head. Each punch causing a sickening crunch to echo through the night air as the Fable easily broke the Mutants nose and several of his fangs whilst causing his head to slam back against the pavement over and over.

Raising his fist high again Bigby froze as Sabretooth shot his own hand up to catch the punch effortlessly “my turn!” he snarled as his nose promptly snapped back into place and several new fangs emerged where the old ones had broken before he lunged forward headbutting Bigby square in the face sending him reeling back.

As Bigby staggered back Victor grabbed him by his shirt hauling him high over his head before hurling him through the air and threw the third floor window of an abandoned building across the street. Landing with a grunt Bigby quickly climbed back into his feet turning to the shattered window where he was forced to make his entrance just in time to see Sabreteeth pounce through after him tackling him hard and sending them both through the weak rotten wall.

Cackling as he forced Bigby through several more rotten walls of the abandoned apartment complex Sabretooth then stopped roaring with pain as he felt the Fable ram his hand straight into his gut claws first “bastard!” he snarled glaring down at Bigby only to cry out again as the Sherriff used his free hand to rake at his face jamming two claws straight into his eye sockets and destroying his eyes.

Howling with agony Victor tossed Bigby aside covering his eye sockets to stem the blood flow as his eyes grew back and his stomach healed over. Digging his claws into the ground as he landed Bigby charged at the Mutant with feral fury slashing at his back and sides as well as delivering solid punches to his head and face whilst he tried to defend himself to heal. With each punch though Bigby slowly realized that the Mutant had a much thicker skull than any other criminal he had taken down, each blow having an almost metallic feel to it under the thin layer of skin.

After a few moments of the beating Sabretooths eyes grew back to which he immediately retaliated slamming his head back into Bigby’s face making the Fable recoil from the broken nose. Grinning ferally Sabretooth then grabbed Bigby by the throat holding him up high in the air as he started to compress his windpipe deciding to enjoy the Fable’s demise slowly by strangulation “it’s been fun Sherriff but I’m still hungry, that Frog better still be there when your heart stops beating” he growled licking his fangs as Bigby struggled in his grasp, cackling as the Fables claws carved at his forearm, each gash healing in seconds.

After a minute passed Victor began to get impatient raising his free hand to add it around Bigby’s throat only for the Fable to suddenly grab it, the Sherriff snarling as his eyes glowed an even brighter yellow whilst his body began to grow, his chest and arms bulking up to the point that his shirt tore off completely, his legs becoming double jointed nearly ripping off his pants and his body becoming covered in thick brown fur whilst his face grew pointed ears and a half muzzle “what the fuck?” Sabretooth growled in confusion before Bigby side swiped him with his free hand breaking his hold on his throat instantly as well as sending him through the wall and out the building onto the street below.

Cracking his neck as his transformation to his full Werewolf form was completed Bigby threw his head back with a piercing howl which echoed throughout the night sky before snapping his head towards the hole in the wall Sabretooth had made. His sharp hearing picking up the Mutants breathing and beating heart making the Fable snarl with anger before leaping out of the hole and onto the streets below “so the Sherriff is a police dog now, that’s cute” Sabretooth mocked as Bigby landed hard in front of him, now standing half a foot taller than the Mutant which yet did nothing to intimidate him.

“What’s wrong little doggy? Didn’t get your kibble today?” Victor continued to sneer as Bigby glared down at him, the Fables fangs and claws glistening in the moonlight as he grew even more tired of Sabretooth’s jeering taking a hard swipe at his face leaving deep gashes along his cheek, nose and forehead which only healed over before his very eyes.

Grinning ferally again Sabretooth tackled Bigby hard in the gut forcing him back into a nearby wall before taking strong solid punches to the Werewolf’s gut, finding his body much more solid than before making him growl with frustration before Bigby stabbed his claws into the Mutants sides, lifting him high in the air before slamming him back down on the concrete.

Before Victor could get up Bigby swiped at his side sending him flying into a nearby wall “Bastard!” Sabretooth barked as his impact with the wall left a small crater in the bricks and before he could get up again Bigby pounced on him pinning him to the ground. Digging the talons of his toes into the Mutants back Bigby then grabbed hold of Sabretooths neck, driving his claws deep into the flesh sending blood splurting everywhere as he cut through the tendons and arteries causing Victors roar of pain to soon become a wet gurgle.

When his claws met with Sabretooths spine Bigby began to pull hard knowing that decapitation was the best way to put anyone down Fable or not, he also knew that Snow was most likely going to give him no end of shit for killing the Mutant but she would eventually understand when he explained that Sabretooth was trying to outright eat TJ. Pulling harder and harder Bigby’s claws soon tore through the muscle and flesh surrounding Victor’s spinal column and all it would take was one quick twist to end it.

But Sabretooth’s spine wouldn’t break.

No matter how much Bigby pulled and twisted the Mutant’s spinal column wouldn’t snap and the sounds his claws made against the bones made it seem like they were coated with metal. As the Fable continued to wrench at his neck Sabretooth reached back to claw at his face stabbing at one of his eyes making Bigby stumble back allowing Victor time to reattach his head to his shoulders for it to heal over.

Rolling his neck as the should have been mortal wound healed Sabretooth promptly spun around to clock Bigby in the side of the head using the fact that the Werewolf was still stunned from the eye gouging to send him crashing into a nearby wall. “Nice try Sherriff but you ain’t got no chance of breaking my bones” the Mutant sneered as he then grabbed Bigby by the scruff of his neck before beginning to slam his head against the wall over and over “got a nice thick layer of Adamantium over them, they’re no way you’re gonna kill me” he continued to mock, slamming Bigby’s head harder against the wall with every other word he spoke.

As Bigby’s skull began to leave heavy cracks and impact craters in the wall his eyes widened and glowed an even brighter yellow, his grunts of pain becoming a thunderous growl from the pit of his gut as his body began to change again. Hunching over as his bones began to shift and grow under his skin Bigby planted himself on his hands and feet as he began to grow as well, his pants tearing off as his legs gained second joints and a huge tail burst from his lower back, his feet and hands extending to become that of canines and his face extending to become a powerful muzzle throwing Sabretooth off as he continued to grow to stand at a mighty fifteen feet tall on all fours.

Now standing in his true form Bigby threw his head back letting out a howl that echoed through the sky for dozens of miles as well as causing the windows in the immediately vicinity to shatter “whoa there doggy, someone should get you on a leash” Sabretooth sneered as he climbed back to his feet seemingly more happy to have a bigger opponent than scared of the Fables true form.

Baring his teeth the Fable snarled at the Mutants still cock attitude, he was the Big Bad Wolf, invoker of terror to every Fable on the planet, everyone feared him for good reason and he was going to show Sabretooth why he was feared. Snarling louder Bigby lunged forward as Sabretooth charged at him in kind, his claws and fangs ready to tear at the Elephant sized Wolf.

The calm of the night outside of Fable Town was soon shattered a few moments later as Sabretooth was thrown screaming through the air, several puncture wounds bleeding out along his body showing that Bigby had bitten down on him and thrown him clear out of the Town’s boundaries to the countryside nearby. Hitting the ground hard Sabretooth grunted as the impact knocked the wind from his lungs standing in time to see Bigby bounding towards him at full speed “is that the best you’ve got?! Bring it you filthy mongrel!” the Mutant barked only to be harshly batted aside, Bigby’s huge claws carving straight through his side and into his organs causing the Mutant great agony as he landed hard staying in one spot to heal.

As Sabretooth scrambled around on the floor several yards away Bigby began to inhale deeply, if tooth and claw wasn’t enough to take down the Mutant he was going to have to rely on his ‘secret weapon’. Taking deeper and deeper breathes the Fable slowly filled his huge cavernous lungs as the trees themselves began to bend towards him whilst he tore the wind from the air.

When Sabretooth’s wounds finally healed over allowing him to stand without his intestines falling out Sabretooth turned around to find Bigby standing with his chest barrelled out nearly three times its original size, the air around them now deathly still and flat and by the way the trees had been forcibly bent towards the massive Wolf the Mutant quickly put two and two together “ah shit”.

As the Mutant charged at him again Bigby unleashed the Huff and Puff, letting out a deafening howl along with all the air he had stored in his lungs with a force stronger than any hurricane known to man. The moment the blast hit him Sabretooth found himself routed in place, his heavy Adamantium skeleton preventing him from being blown away but also proving to be more of a danger than a safety measure as he felt his skin beginning to peel off of his body from the vicious winds. His roars of rage and pain completely muted by the ear shattering gale coming from Bigby’s lungs as his body was blasted from his skeleton.

After several minutes of exhaling Bigby finally stopped to breathe, panting heavily as he surveyed the aftermath of his attack. The grass, trees and foliage now gone as they had been torn away by the Huff and Puffs tremendous force and as the dust cleared only Sabretooth’s metal skeleton remained, every single inch of biological matter had been torn clean off leaving the Mutant with nothing to heal back from sealing his demise. Letting out a breathe of relief Bigby then transformed back to his human form to take the long walk back to his apartment hoping that he would be able to sneak through the streets without anyone noticing his nudity.

The next day Bigby’s office was swamped with eye witness reports of Sabretooth prowling the streets and complaints of the damage their fight had caused but for once Bigby didn’t let it get on his nerves now that he had a trophy for his desk.

Sabretooth’s metal skull.

Winner: Bigby Wolf

Now this fight was a challenging one, not for who would win but for who would go against Bigby as he is essentially in a class of his own, either characters are nothing to him or are too much for him until I decided upon Sabretooth.

The Mutants healing ability being one of the best in Marvel would allow him to keep up with Bigby’s superior strength and speed along with his transformations and would be able to force Bigby to revert back to his original Big Bad Wolf form and rely on the Huff and Puff to take the Mutant down.
DWOAH: Bigby Wolf vs Sabretooth
The twentieth of my fan made Deadliest Warrior battles

In these I will be pitting my chosen warriors from all of history, be they real or fictional

The twentieth battle: Bigby Wolf (Grim's Fairy Tales/The Wolf among us) vs Victor Creed aka Sabretooth (Marvel Comics)


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Hey everyone I'm Adam :). I joined this site to enjoy many peoples artwork as I lack the skills and equipment to produce real art myself. I live by generally liberal beliefs as in peace to all mankind and all that, quote facism to me and I will raise hell. So I hope to enjoy many pictures and webcomics on this great site and if anybody reading this makes an artwork I like you'll hear from me ;).

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