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Deadliest warriors of all history

Zeus vs Thor

Zeus info:

Height: 7 foot 5

Weight: 600lbs

Weapons: Blade of Olympus

Powers: Control of Lightening and Storms and the ability to summon the Blade of Olympus to his hand when he desires. Zeus can also assume the form of other beings but he mainly uses the power for his own amusement than for combat.

Strengths: As the Father of many of the Greek Gods Zeus is easily the most powerful of the Olympus Deities and commands total respect from them. Zeus is also completely immune to mortal weaponry and does not tire allowing him to rage against his subjects or other Deities for months on end without rest.

Weaknesses: Can be harmed by Divine weapons and despite being a God Zeus doesn’t have an accelerated healing rate.

Thor info:

Height: 6 foot 6

Weight: 640lbs

Weapons: Mjolnir

Powers: Control over Lightening and Storms and ability to draw Mjolnir back to his hand after throwing the Hammer.

Strengths: Being a Deity Thor is nigh on immune to any mortal weaponry unless he is in his Blake disguise. Despite being able to be harmed by Divine Weapons and most unnatural means Thor has an accelerated healing rate and is extremely durable allowing him to take a long of damage before falling. As a God Thor does not tire either having once spent nineteen months straight fighting an endless horde of Ice Giants without taking a moments rest during the combat.

Weaknesses: Thor draws near all of his power from his enchanted Hammer Mjolnir and if he spends too long away from the Hammer he slowly loses his immortality and powers. Can be harmed by Divine weapons and some unnatural means.

Battle begin!

A fierce thunderstorm raged all over Mount Olympus along with the entire country of Greece itself as Zeus sat on his throne, his expression engulfed with fury as he observed his subjects through the enchanted pool in front of his throne. The people of Greece had failed to pay the Sky God his proper respect that month and now they suffered for their misdeed, acid rain fell from the Heavens, crops wilted away, livestock was driven mad and the very dead themselves rose from their graves to attack the living along with a large assortment of other monsters that Zeus had summoned to ravage the land and slaughter the people.

As he observed a legion of Skeleton warriors overcoming a battalion of Guards that were trying to defend their village Zeus then noticed that the black clouds above him where beginning to part. Believing it to just be Helios coming down to attempt to talk him into lightening his punishment of the humans Zeus returned his gaze to the enchanted water only to flinch as a large lightning strike shot down from the parted clouds shattering the ground in front of his throne sending large cracks along the stone.

Rising from his throne as the lightning strike ended Zeus growled with anger as a large man emerged from the smouldering mark on the ground revealing himself to be none other than Thor “you’re a long way from the North Norseman” Zeus spat as he walked down the steps from his throne to tower over the God of Thunder “too long away, Odin knows not to infringe upon my domain”.

“I could not allow this madness to continue any longer Olympian” Thor responded looking down from the mountain “below your people scream for your mercy, plead for forgiveness for an insignificant crime and you only answer with more death and destruction, Asgard could not simply sit back and allow this to happen so we have answered your peoples pleas”.

“You have what?!” Zeus bellowed back, lightening striking around him as his fury rose.

“See for yourself” Thor replied coldly highlighting the pool which now observed one of Greece’s shorelines, as many Greek ships were torn apart by the waves Norse longboats powered through them, raining Arrows down upon the many Monsters that inhabited the beaches. In the capital cities the dwindling Greek resistance were gaining back up from Norse Warriors and Berserkers to quickly turn the tide against the Undead hordes.

Clenching his fists and his teeth as he watched his Monsters getting beaten back lightening began to strike around Zeus again “you dare bring Norsemen onto my land?!” he roared spinning around to face Thor before blasting torrents of lightening at the God of Thunder.

Easily blocking the bolts with Mjolnir Thor swung his Hammer sending the bolts straight back at Zeus to which the Sky God easily batted them aside as he charged as Thor. Summoning the Blade of Olympus to his hand Zeus swung the Blade down at the Norse God who once again blocked with Mjolnir, the force of the two legendary weapons colliding causing a huge shockwave which tore through the throne room area of the mountains peak, shattering the very stone around them and disintegrating Zeus’s throne.

“Insolent little whelp! You dare intrude on my mountain, on my land and bring your filthy barbarians to defy my will?!” the Sky God bellowed as his Sword clashed with Thor’s Hammer sending wild bolts of electricity flying everywhere carving into the stone around them.

“Your people are not mere toys for you to use for your amusement! Your tyranny ends here!” Thor roared back as he started to push back against Zeus’s weapon. Shunting forward knocking Zeus off balance Thor then reeled back before swinging his mighty Hammer to deliver a punishing side swipe straight to the Sky God’s ribs making the larger deity cry out in pain and rage. Getting sent several yards to the side by the Hammer swing Zeus quickly recuperated dissipating his Sword before shooting up to hover over the battlefield.

Raising his hand high Zeus summoned lightning bolt after lightning bolt throwing them down at Thor to which the Thunder God easily batted them aside and even when a bolt hit him it barely phased him “you are a fool Zeus! You think lightning can harm the God of Thunder?!” Thor bellowed up at the Sky God as he swung Mjolnir around, building up momentum before raising his Hammer skyward to launch himself up to Zeus’s level.

“I think lightning is the only element I have under my command?” Zeus sneered as Thor readied his Hammer again, waiting for the Norse God to charge towards him Zeus then slammed his hands together in a deafening thunder clap creating immensely powerful hurricane winds sending Thor flying back. As Thor flailed back through the air Zeus waved his hands around summoning currents of air powerful enough to render mere mortals to pieces, covering the peak of Olympus with dozens of devastating tornados which tore the very top of the Mountain apart sending huge boulders flying through the air.

Grunting and crying out as boulders smashed into him as he tried to right himself Thor swung Mjolnir around wildly beating around the rocks that flew at him at high speed before finally righting himself. Swinging Mjolnir around again Thor then launched himself at Zeus once again flying at him at the speed of a lightning strike tearing through the hurricane winds to score the Sky God straight in the chest sending him crashing back down to Olympus’s peak.

Large cracks further destroyed the throne area as Zeus slammed against the ground, the Sky God rolled as he landed quickly rising to his feet and summoning his Blade as Thor bolted down. Swinging Mjolnir down hard at Zeus as he swung the Blade of Olympus up, the clashing of the weapons causing a catastrophic shock wave which further destroyed the Mountain’s peak causing both Gods to descend into the huge crevice they had made.

As they fell Zeus and Thor continued to lash out at each other, their strikes only causing more shockwaves which further tore the mountain apart. Every time their weapons met another crack ran down the Mountain’s sides as well as sending out a lightning strike which tore along the land around Mount Olympus.

Kicking Zeus away Thor then swung Mjolnir downwards slamming the Hammer into what was left in the Mountain’s foundations causing Olympus to almost erupt like a volcano. The entire Mountain exploding showering debris and rubble down for miles around causing further destruction to nearby cities and settlements. Landing hard on his feet Zeus let out a furious roar as he watched his Mountain crumble into rubble with Thor marching out of the destruction “you insult my authority, you bring invaders onto my lands and now you destroy my home! This insolence will not stand!” the Sky God bellowed drawing his Blade to his hand once again.

“Your threats do not scare me Olympian, your tyranny ends now!” Thor declared back swinging Mjolnir again as he once again charged at Zeus who in turn ran at Thor, their weapons clashing once again causing more shockwaves and lightning strikes to further tear up the area around them.

Breaking the weapon lock the Norse God swung at Zeus who leaned back to avoid it returning with a Sword slash upwards carving his Blade along the front of Thor’s armour and face making him cry out as he shed blood for the first time in centuries. As Thor recoiled Zeus kicked at his abdomen sending the Norse God flying back landing hard on his front several yards away as his Hammer slammed to the ground creating more cracks in the stone.

Grinning maliciously as Thor heaved himself up Zeus marched towards the downed Thunder God grabbing hold of the hilt of Mjolnir as he went, only to nearly dislocate his arm as Mjolnir refused to move “what?” he grunted dissipating his Sword to wrap both hands around the Hammer’s handle straining with all his might to make the weapon rise from the floor.

“Mjolnir will not answer to you tyrant” Thor called out as he rose to his feet “your dark heart keeps you from ever knowing its power”.

“Do not mock me Norseman! I am the father of the Gods! King of the Sky! Do not call me unworthy of this Hammer!” Zeus snapped as he strained harder on Mjolnir’s handle, the veins along his biceps bulging out as the Thunder Hammer still refused to move.

Sighing at the Sky God’s stubbornness and denial Thor held his hand out to summon Mjolnir back to him, the Hammer immediately flying from its resting place to return to his hand making Zeus cry out in agony as his left out was torn clean out of its socket by the sudden jarring action of the Hammer moving. “This…cannot…be happening!” Zeus grunted as he forced his arm back into its socket and re-summoning his Sword “I am above you, above all creation, I am the father of the Gods!”.

“Your arrogance will bring only your demise” Thor returned as he readied Mjolnir to attack again, his own experience with his hubris having taught him to never underestimate an enemy. Unwilling to listen to reason Zeus charged again, his Sword easily blocked by Thor’s Hammer to which the Norse God used his free hand to slug the larger Deity in the head making him fall to his knees before Thor continued spinning Mjolnir around before slamming the Hammer into Zeus’s back sending him crashing to the dirt.

As Thor raised Mjolnir once again to cave in his skull Zeus quickly rolled over slamming his hands together to create a thunder clap, the sudden blast of air sending Thor flying back and sending Mjolnir crashing back to the ground. Now blinded by anger and his own grandeur Zeus rose to his feet grabbing hold of Mjolnir’s handle again determined to prove to Thor that he was indeed worthy of his weapon intending to use the Hammer to end the Norse God’s existence.

Landing hard Thor gritted his teeth with rage as he found Zeus once again trying to claim his Hammer, lifting his hand the Norse God splayed it out to call his weapon back to him “Zeus! You will not have my Hammer!” he bellowed as Mjolnir once again rose from the ground to return to its master racing through the air to meet his hand.

Only for Thor to realize that the Hammer was covered in blood.

Turning back to Zeus Thor found the Sky God frozen in place, crouched where he had been moments before hand now with a gaping hole through his abdomen and back. Having been facing away from Thor the Olympian had been directly in Mjolnir’s flight path causing the Hammer to tear straight through his body on its journey back to Thor. Speechless as agony coursed through his body Zeus slowly staggered to his feet turning around to face Thor, his eyes wide with shock and pain “h…how....?” he wheezed before his eyes rolled back and he collapsed backwards onto the ground lifeless.

As the Sky God breathed his last powerful bolts of lightning began to strike his body, making it jerk and spasm several times before one final bolt emerged from his body striking at the clouds above. The sky lighting up as the bolt separated the clouds instantly, the great storms that covered Greece calming in seconds and the many creatures that had been under his command either dropping dead or promptly fleeing bringing the Greek and Nord soldiers great relief.

Content with his victory and the peace that now covered the country Thor swung his Hammer once again launching himself skyward to return to Asgardo. Now Greece could rebuild itself, the fallen could be mourned and the damages could be fixed, all without the constant fear of Zeus’s wrath looming over them.

Winner: Thor

Ok before anyone comments as such this isn’t meant to be Marvel vs God of War, if it was so I’d have made an Avengers joke and whilst I mentioned the Blade of Olympus I only did so to give Zeus a weapon as from all the Greek legends I was taught as a kid he only wielded lightening as a weapon which would do nothing against Thor. Aside from the Blade of Olympus I’m sure another reason people will think this to God of War is Zeus’s personality, if anyone pays attention to Greek legends Zeus is nothing more than a lecherous tyrant, he constantly commits adultery against Hera and even rapes his mortal subjects on a whim seeing them as nothing more than pawns to be used for his own amusement. This being the main reason why Mjolnir would deem him unworthy of wielding it and as a power hungry tyrant Zeus would be both more than eager to take the Hammer for himself which would draw his attention away from the battle giving Thor the upper hand.
DWOAH: Zeus vs Thor
The nineteenth of my fan made Deadliest Warrior battles

In these I will be pitting my chosen warriors from all of history, be they real or fictional

The nineteenth battle: Zeus (Greek Mythology) vs Thor (Norse Mythology)
Here is a few combatants that I plan to write about that I need opponents for

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques

Ulquiorra Cifer

Eren Jeiger

DWOAH: suggestions needed
I need some suggestions for opponents for these characters
Deadliest warriors of all history

Slender Man vs Freddy Krueger

Slender Man info:

Height: 15 feet (varies)

Weight: Roughly 170lbs

Weapons: Tentacles

Powers: Teleportation, Ability to cause electrical equipment to fail in his presence

Strengths: Instils fear in all mortals, Can sprout and elongate the many tendrils and tentacles that form on his back.

Weakness: Fears fire, Despite ethereal appearance Slender Man has a mortal body and can be harmed.

Freddy Krueger info:

Height: 5 foot 10

Weight: Roughly 140lbs

Weapons: Bladed Glove

Powers: Total control of his victim’s dreams allowing him to mould them into the perfect nightmare of which there is next to no awakening, short distance teleportation in the waking world whilst being able to travel anywhere he wants instantly in the dream world.

Strengths: As mentioned above Freddy is the master of the dream world able to manipulate people’s dreams and inner thoughts to his liking, Very agile and despite his slender physique Freddy is very durable.

Weaknesses: Strong pyrophobia which causes Freddy to at the very least flinch at the sight of fire, Is a lot weaker in the waking world although he does retain some of his powers.

Battle begin!

The night air was still in the forest as Slender Man made his way through the trees, his long loping gait barely disturbing the branches as the faceless ghoul made his way towards his target. Over the last week he had discovered and haunted a lone camper he had found in his domain, taking immense pleasure out of her growing terror and now he grew tired of simple scares eager to add her to his growing legion of Proxies.

Finding the campers tent Slender Man slowly extended two tendrils from his shoulders using them to grip the tent before ripping it open revealing the woman inside who seemed to be in the middle of a terrible nightmare. The camper thrashing and squirming in her sleep letting out the occasional cry and scream and when Slender Man peered closer he noticed that it looked like something invisible was clutching her shirt.

Extending another tentacle the ghoul whipping it down wrapping it around the woman’s neck causing her to snap awake revealing that suddenly they weren’t alone. Straddling the woman was a seemingly middle aged man dressed in khaki pants, a striped shirt and a fedora, on his raised right hand he wore a gardener’s glove that had been upgraded to have a long blade on each finger and his skin was mottled and covered in third degree burns.

Grinning maliciously as he prepared the killing blow Freddy then stopped as he realized that he was no longer in the dream world “what in the fuck?” he pondered before turning around to find Slender Man looming over them. Gritting his teeth with a feral growl Freddy swung around swiping at the faceless ghouls head “back off! This bitch is mine!” he barked only for Slender to wrap a tendril around him raising him high in the air “let go of me you fuck!”.

As Slender constricted his tendril around Freddy’s chest the camper took the moment to scramble away “look at what you did! She got away you stupid no faced bastard!” Freddy snapped jamming the blades of his glove into the tentacle that held him causing Slender Man to retract it with a hiss. Grunting as he hit the dirt Freddy heaved himself out snarling as he watched his target run off out of his reach, readying his Glove he then turned around to find Slender Man towering over him, a shrill hiss emitting from where the ghouls mouth would be “what?! Come on then you freak! I’ll carve you a new asshole!”.

Letting out another shrill hiss Slender Man launched two of his tentacles at the dream killer to which Freddy easily side stepped them slashing at them with his Blades, slicing deep grooves into one whilst completely carving through the other making them whip back to their owner. Smirking at the ghoul’s shriek of pain from his attack Freddy beckoned Slender forward with his bladed fingers mockingly daring him to attack again.

Retracting his tendrils Slender Man then went silent before completely disappearing from Freddy’s view causing the murderer to let out a heavy sigh “so we’re playing Hide and Seek now? Fine I’ll play your game, after all it makes the kill all the more fun” he sniggered as he sauntered forward into the forest.

“One….two…Freddy’s coming for you….” Freddy started to sing tauntingly, his voice echoing through the silent voice as he occasionally took swipes at branches and trees carving deep grooves into them as he went “three….four….you better lock your doors…”.

Disappearing and reappearing on a nearby large rock Freddy surveyed his surroundings trying to get a glimpse of the tall faceless ghoul “five….six….grab a crucifix….seven….eight….better stay up late…” he continued, a wide malicious grin on his face as the rhyme brought back memories of his passed victims. As Freddy continued to look around he failed to notice Slender Man appearing behind him several yards away silently stalking towards him “nine….ten….never sleep agai!”

Suddenly getting cut off on the last word by a sharp stabbing pain in his back and chest Freddy looked down to see one of Slender Man’s tendrils protruding through his chest “well….that’s a bitch” he groaned before exclaiming as he was dragged back off of the rock. Retracting his tentacle Slender Man hung Freddy in front of his ‘face’ hissing menacingly “ok, I’ll admit, this hurts like fuck” Freddy stated pointing to the tentacle protruding from his chest “don’t talk much do ya? Reminds me of another big fuck I had to deal with once, he was scarier though” he added with a taunting smirk prompting Slender Man to launch him across the wooded area sending him crashing into a tree.

“Looks like I….hit a sore spot” Freddy groaned as he heaved himself up, his spine cracking loudly as he straightened it “what’s wrong? Can’t take criticism?” he asked as Slender Man teleported in front of him. Looming over the murderer Slender Man launched another tentacle attack on him only to retract them with a sharp hiss as Freddy swiped them away cutting off two of the tendrils whilst inflicting deep gashes on the others “that’s it! No more mister nice guy!” he then declared before going on the offensive.

Teleporting forward Freddy slashed at Slender’s legs making the ghoul shriek as blood began to pour down his suit pants, grinning maliciously Freddy then stabbed the Blades of his Glove straight through Slender’s leg making him collapse down on one knee. As Freddy wrenched his Glove out Slender Man lashed out at him with an elongated arm to which Freddy simply side stepped before slashing up at the ghouls face dragging deep harsh gashes along his ‘skin’.

Letting out another piercing shriek Slender Man swatted at Freddy again catching him in the chest sending the burned murderer flying back making him collide hard with a large boulder. As he hit the rock Freddy grabbed hold of it with his Bladed Glove sending sparks from it which quickly ignited the foliage around it “ah fuck!” he yelped as his pants leg caught fire frantically kicking it out as he scrambled away from the flames.

As he scrambled to his feet Freddy noticed that Slender Man was routed in place, not moving an inch towards him, even moving back a little as the fire slowly grew prompting Freddy to grin evilly as he worked out what was going on “so scared of a little fire huh?” Freddy smirked raising his Glove to the boulder before raking it down sending more sparks flying igniting the grass in front of the faceless ghoul making him hiss and retreat a little more.

Realizing the major advantage he had now Freddy teleported behind Slender Man before carving into the back of his legs before the ghoul could react sending him back down to his knees. Raking at Slender’s back slashing through his suit jacket Freddy then grabbed hold of the ghoul by the back of the head before starting to force his ‘face’ down near the growing flames. Feeling the searing heat inches from his ‘skin’ Slender quickly extended another tendril from his back wrapping it around Freddy’s throat starting to throttle him hard to which the murderer stopped his pushing started to stab wildly at the ghouls back.

Shrieking as Freddy’s Blades punctured his back again Slender Man using the tendril around his neck to launch the murderer over his shoulder sending him flying into the undergrowth. Rising to his feet the ghoul then teleported away as the fire continued to spread to avoid the searing heat of it reappearing several yards upwind of the blaze.

As Slender Man reappeared Freddy proved that he was far from done with him bursting from the undergrowth to slash at the ghouls legs before disappearing back into the undergrowth. Shrieking at the suddenly jolt of pain Slender Man sent multiple tentacles out into the bushes wildly searching for Freddy before the murderer struck again slicing off several of the tendrils before ramming his Glove need into Slender’s shin “surprise bitch!” he barked as he brought the ghoul crashing to his knees once again.

Grabbing Slender by his tie Freddy dragged him forward until they were eye to ‘eye’ “everyone’s afraid of something, let’s see what you fear” the murderer sneered before pushing the Blade on his trigger finger into the ghouls skull slowly entering his mind.

Inside the deepest reaches of Slender Man’s mind Freddy found the towering ghoul in a playground surrounded by children, his arms and tendrils passing straight through them as he tried to abduct them whilst they just continued to play completely unaware of his presence “so the big faceless fuck hates being ignored huh? I guess I’m not the only one that thrives on fear” Freddy commented before retracting himself from Slender Man’s mind.

Back in the waking world Freddy sneered as he found Slender shaking on his hands and knees, his mind completely clouded with his deepest fears “god that’s pathetic, it’s almost a shame to have to kill ya” the murderer sighed as Slender tried to rise to his feet again, trying to teleport away only for Freddy to follow him and stab him in the side “I’ve heard a lot about you, some big Boogey Man that gives little kids nightmares, that’s real cute and all but you see me here? I AM the fucking nightmare!” he declared before raising his Glove and carving through Slender Man’s stomach causing him to fall crashing down onto his back whilst Freddy followed him jumping on his chest before beginning to carve into his head and throat soon behind the ghoul ending his reign of terror for good.

Sitting back Freddy grinned maliciously as he now held Slender Man’s severed head in his gloved hand, carving a mouth into the skull before mockingly playing Shakespeare with it before he stopped at the sound of voices approaching and the light of flashlights waving through the darkness obviously drawn by the nearby fire and the sounds of the fighting. Grinning wider Freddy casually tossed Slender’s head aside standing and dusting himself off before heading towards the approaching voices as the approaching flames would deal with Slender Man’s body. Readying his Glove Freddy then slid into the darkness ready to play his age old game of instilling fear upon his victims before taking their lives.

“One, two Freddy’s coming for you……”.

Winner: Freddy Krueger

Now for this Halloween special I decided between two of the biggest horror icons, Slender Man the unofficial king of Creepy pasta’s and Freddy Krueger one of the greatest slasher villains of all time. Whilst this fight was originally going to be a coin toss just for the fun of it I just had to side with Freddy since he’s had several movies and a crossover to prove just what he can do.

In Freddy vs Jason he proved himself to be a more than competent combatant rather than just a petty murderer who only preyed on the helpless as he held his own against Jason Voorhees and nearly won. Slender Man however has had no confirmed fights with anyone and simply kills either through pure fear alone or simply converts his victims into Proxies and whilst Slender Man is said to be thousands of years old it is never stated that he is immortal giving Freddy another bit of leverage over him.
DWOAH: Slender Man vs Freddy Krueger
The eighteenth of my fan made Deadliest Warrior battles

In these I will be pitting my chosen warriors from all of history, be they real or fictional

The eighteenth battle: Slender Man (Creepy Pasta) vs Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street)
Let me start this off by saying I adore RWBY, Monty Oum was a genius and he will be sorely missed but in his brilliant creation he has unfortunately created some of the worst fans I have ever seen.

Mainly to do with the shipping, yes aside from Weiss showing a crush on Neptune, Jaune on Weiss and Pyrrha on Jaune there aren't many confirmed romances which allowed fans to make up their own couples and yes, the ones they made are great, I personally ship WhiteRose, BumbleBee, IceBerg, Arkos, ReNora and BlackSun but the way some of the fans react to other ships is just disgusting.

I've seen shippers who write and draw for straight couples getting attacked online simply because they chose to portray the girls as straight when in the show they've shown no hints of liking their own gender so devout WhiteRose and BumbleBee shippers need to get it through their skulls that Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang aren't gay, Weiss canonically likes men for christ sake so no, she doesn't belong with Ruby canonically, yes it makes a cute ship and most of the comics I enjoy on here revolve around WhiteRose but you don't see me foaming at the mount when I see a comic devoted to Weiss and Neptune.

Another thing I've noticed time and time again that I can't stand is the utter hatred in the fanbase for the majority of the male characters. 'Neptune is ruining WhiteRose!', 'Weiss hates Sun so I hate him too!' and who could forget 'Jaune is a fucking idiot and isn't perfect so he must die!'. Seriously? I know the majority of the male character hatred falls upon Jaune because of his failed attempts to woo Weiss but I've honestly seen petitions people have tried to start asking Rooster Teeth to have Jaune killed off!

I cannot honestly see why Jaune deserves such hate, yes he's far from perfect but to me he's the only character that truly belongs at Beacon because he needs the training. Every other character could have been given their diploma on day one, thrown into a pack of Grimm and would have walked away absolutely fine. Take Pyrrha for example, why is she at Beacon? She's the Invicible Girl for gods sake, top of her class, no one can best her in combat, what more training could she possibly need? She should be a teacher at Beacon, not a student.

But enough of my rant, I've probably pissed off god knows how many people with this but I just needed to get it off of my chest.
Deadliest warriors of all history

Ryan Haywood vs H20 Delirious

Ryan ‘the Mad King’ Haywood info:

Height: 6 foot 1 (Minecraft character)

Weight: Roughly 200lbs (Minecraft character)

Weapons: Diamond Sword, Edgar his Guard Cow

Armour: Full Diamond Armour

Strengths: Thanks to his Diamond Sword and Armour Ryan and both dish out and take a lot of damage as well as being able to fight with back up from Edgar.

Weakness: Despite his Armour being extremely durable it is not unbreakable and without it Ryan can only take so many hits before dying.

H20 Delirious info:

Height: 6 foot (GTA Character)

Weight: Roughly 160lbs (GTA Character)

Weapons: Golf Club, AK-47, Grenades

Armour: Bulletproof Vest

Strengths: Complete lack of sanity allowing him to kill without mercy or regret. Great skill with firearms and melee weapons and durable thanks to his Bulletproof Vest.

Weaknesses: Being only human Delirious is far from immortal only able to take a few hits before falling.

Battle begin!

Ryan let out a content sigh as he relaxed on his golden throne, it had been another good day for the Mad King’s rule over Achievement City and as the sun slowly set he silently planned for what he intended to be done tomorrow. “Dark clouds coming in, must be a storm coming it, it is the second day after all” he commented and as if on cue the sky opened and heavy rain began to fall making his Diamond Armour glisten with moisture.

Shifting to rise from his throne to turn in for the nice Ryan froze as he noticed a figure standing at the bottom of the stairs leading to his throne, a figure that he didn’t recognize “who goes there? Who dares trespass within my city?” the Mad King called out placing his hand on the hilt of his Sword.

“I like your crown” Delirious called back leisurely rapping his Golf Club against his hand.

“Uuuhh thanks….I guess?”.

“I want it”.

“Yeaaaahhh not gonna happen, how do you get in here anyway? Where are my minion?” Ryan inquired confused as to how the intruder managed to just stroll up to his throne without incident.

“Don’t worry about ‘em” Delirious replied with a sinister chuckle.

(Back in Achievement City)

“Ok….what the fuck just happened?!” Geoff groaned as he pulled himself up from the heap he had been left in, the visor of his Master Chief helmet cracked from a strong blow from Delirious’s Golf Club.

“How the fuck should I know?!” Michael retorted as he hauled himself through the broken window of his house “who even was that guy?!”.

“I can’t feel my legs…..” Jack whined from the hole under his house.

“Gavin’s the one who turned up with the guy!” Michael added as he relocated his shoulder.

“I thought we was going to play Golf with us or something!” the Creeper Clad Brit retorted not moving on inch as he laid out flat on his front in the middle of the City Logo covered in bruises.

“There’s no Golf in Minecraft you fucking idiot!”.

“Well I know that know don’t I?!”.

“Guys I think my beard is bleeding…..”

(Back at the throne)

“First Ray leaves and then this shit happens, note to self, have Gavin executed” Ryan sighed standing up and drawing his Sword before making his way down the steps towards Delirious “you really wanna do this? I’m the King for a reason you know”.

“Not for long you ain’t” Delirious retorted with a mad laugh before raising his Golf Club high charging at Ryan with a wild battle cry. The swing was easily sidestepped by Ryan though causing the Club to strike the thrones stepped “stay still damn it!” the masked madman snapped taking another wild swing to which Ryan simply ducked under it.

“This guy took the others out? Damn I must have been getting soft on them lately” Ryan pondered as he readied his Sword using it to block another hurried Golf Club swing before shunting Delirious back making him stumble and land flat on his ass.

“God damn it!” Delirious cursed as he landed hard in the dirt, growling as he forced himself up onto his knees he then grinned maliciously under his hockey mask reaching into his hoodie to pull out a Grenade “time to go boom bitch!” he shouted throwing the explosive straight at Ryan’s chest to which it exploded upon contact with his Armour.

Shielding his eyes from the explosion Delirious grinned wider expecting to find just a charred corpse when the smoke cleared but to his surprise Ryan still stood strong, his Armour just a little scuffed from the blast “you’re gonna have to do better than that bitch” the Mad King smirked evilly as he started to advance on Delirious, his Sword poised and ready to draw blood.

“Shit!” Delirious cursed starting to backpedal throwing more Grenades as he went, each explosive detonating on contact with Ryan’s Armour but only acting to slow him down slightly as the Diamonds covering his body absorbed every blast. Soon enough though he found himself backed up against one of the walls that surrounded the throne with Ryan stood right in front of him, his Armour smoking and blackened but his skin underneath completely unharmed.

“Now do you see what happens when you challenge the King? It was a good effort though, that last Grenade almost stung a little” Ryan sneered as he pressed the tip of his Sword to Delirious’s chest “try not to bleed too much, I just grew this grass and I don’t want it stained, the last time Gavin died here it like a mark for a week” he added before drawing the Sword back ready to ram it forward.


Freezing before his Blade met Delirious’s chest Ryan suddenly felt his shoulder get a lot lighter….and then his other one….and then his legs. Piece by piece his Armour started to fall apart revealing Ryan’s normal clothes underneath “….uh oh…” he gasped as the last of his Armour fell, looking back to Delirious he could almost see the grin before his mask before the madman slugged him hard in the face sending him stumbling back.

Falling to the dirt Ryan grunted as he turned around to find Delirious now stood over him cracking his knuckles “not so tough without your Armour are you motherfucker?” he sniggered before kicking Ryan hard in the gut making the Mad King wince before his Sword was kicked aside out of his reach.

With his opponent now defenceless on the ground Delirious waged a fully assault on him pulling out his Golf Club again before starting to viciously wail on him stomping on him as well between every few swings “you thought you could take me?! Huh?! You thought you could fucking take me on?!” he roared as his Golf Club barely missed vital points with every swing.

“Gah! Ow! Son of a!” Ryan grunted and cried with pain as each blow rained down on him, his skin and bones bruising as agony filled his body “Edgar! Save your King!!!”.

As Ryan’s shouted echoed through the air a loud braying sound roared from under the golden throne, the ground under them starting to shake as the back of the throne room tore open “you thought you could fucking win?! You can’t beat me! I’m Delirious out of my mind!.....Is that a cow?” Delirious continued before screaming as he was suddenly smashed into front the side by Edgar, the large Minotaur-esque monster bellowing as he sent the madman flying.

Hitting the wall hard Delirious just managed to roll out of the way as Edgar’s Sword slammed into the ground next to him “what the fuck?!” he gasped as he staggered to his feet turning his head to dodge another Sword swing.

“Welcome to the King’s game reserve” Ryan smirked as he heaved himself to his feet dusting himself off “and this is my prized cow”.

“Moo motherfucker” Edgar rumbled in acknowledgement, his eyes a deep red glaring straight at Delirious as the masked man draw his AK-47.

“Well that cow’s gonna be burgers when I’m done with it!” Delirious barked back cocking his Assault Rifle and beginning to fire upon the Minotaur, his bullets bouncing right off of Edgar’s Diamond Armour as it charged straight at him again. Lifting his AK to soften the hit Delirious was still winded when Edgar’s horned were locked against his Rifle, securing his feet to the dirt Delirious then started to push back grunting under his breath as he found Edgar borderline unmovable, his arms burning with the strain as his AK creaked threatening to fall to pieces under the pressure.

With a sharp turn of his head Edgar then launched Delirious straight off of his feet sending him flying straight towards the throne where he landed hard against the solid gold stairs “fuck! This is NOT how I wanted to end up on the throne!” he groaned cracking his neck before quickly raising his AK again to open fire at Edgar as the Minotaur charged up the stairs at him. Once again the bullets merely ricocheted off of Edgars armour but when the beast reached Delirious one stray bullet managed to pass under the Diamond Helmet striking Edgar straight in the eye.

Bellowing in agony Edgar staggered back clutching at his eye before losing his footing crashing back down the thrones steps to land in a crumpled heap holding his destroyed eye socket. Smirking as he reloaded his AK Delirious then holstered the Rifle redrawing his Golf Club as he made his way towards the Minotaur taking a heavy swing at him scoring him right in the face as he tried to stand back up breaking his muzzle.

Still braying and bellowing in pain Edgar swung his Sword wildly in a desperate attempt to keep protecting his Master but with the loss of his eye his vision was too impaired for him to land a good swing. Dodging with total ease Delirious then swung his Club up between Edgars legs making the Minotaur roar with pain and crash to his knees before the masked madman pulled back and swung the Golf Club down into his destroyed eye socket scoring him straight in the brain silencing him near instantly.

Kicking Edgars corpse off of his Club Delirious gave a cold smirk as he took a moment to admire his kill “now where’s that other bitch?” he pondered realizing that Ryan hadn’t stepped in throughout his entire fight with Edgar.

“RIGHT HERE!” Ryan roared as his Sword suddenly tore through Delirious’s body from his back straight through his chest “what? You actually expected the King to play fair?”.

“You…mother…fucker…” Delirious wheezed as blood poured from his chest wound and from under his mask as he coughed it up, gagging as Ryan then pulled the Sword out of his chest causing him to fall to his knees “that crown….was gonna be mine”.

“Yeah well it isn’t going to be now” Ryan smirked walking around to stand in front of his down opponent using the tip of his Sword to lift his chin forcing him to look up at him “I gotta give you credit though, now I need to find a new Edgar, maybe I’ll just skin the old one and make Gavin wear it, I dunno….” he pondered before suddenly raising his Sword and bringing it down decapitating Delirious instantly “great, he left blood stains on the grass”.

Winner: Ryan ‘The Mad King’ Haywood

Ok this was a battle I wrote simply for shits and giggles, yes Ryan had an unfair advantage by having Edgar fight for him but he’s Ryan, would he honestly fight fairly? Anyway this was a battle that had kept popping up in my head and I thought I might as well right it. Besides it’s also kind of fair, whilst a GTA character has much better fire power a Minecraft character can take a lot more damage which kinda evens it out.
DWOAH: Ryan Haywood vs H20 Delirious
The seventeenth of my fan made Deadliest Warrior battles

In these I will be pitting my chosen warriors from all of history, be they real or fictional

The seventeenth battle: Ryan 'The Mad King' Haywood (Achievement Hunter) vs H20 Delirious (of YouTube fame)


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